Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bread and the mean cafeteria guy.

It is here that I will capture the anger that I am feeling today...specifically toward the mean spirited cafeteria worker who chose today to piss me off.
Dear ass munch-
I get that you are only one step away from working at McDonalds and this probably eats away at your dignity and self worth, but really, how is that my fault? I don't understand. Every day, or at least everyday until last week, I got in your sandwich line and ordered a turkey and cheese sandwich, without bread. I understand that the bread is actually what MAKES a sandwich a sandwich, but honestly, is it that big of a deal that I am actually cutting out part of your job? If you are that in love with the bread, I think subway might be the place for you. Every day, you make a comment or roll your eyes or huff at me...like NOT getting bread is that much of a burden on you? I don't get it. So today, please do not think that I didn't hear your comment about me today...in front of all of the other bread eating people...how you don't understand why I can't eat bread with my sandwich, but that I can get in line for chicken nuggets...well, dick cheese, I was in line for peas. Not chicken nuggets...so how about stepping off?
I don't understand why you feel the need to do this to me every day...I guess maybe it makes you feel better about yourself? Because God knows, with a crappy cafeteria job, you need all the help you can get.
Keep on making the sandwiches there, Jared...you mean mother fucker!!
the girl who doesn't eat bread.

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