Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My life is changing!

The CHI certainly did do what it said it would! WOW!
My hair looks AMAZING. All straight and shiny...mmm....mmm. smells good to boot!

Loving the CHI!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A fool and her money...

I bought THIS! In PURPLE! And am just waiting for it to change my life. I should not be allowed in ULTA for any amount of time at all...I spent more in my lunch hour...than I probably make in a day...but think how exciting it will be to have straight, flat, shiny hair!! I can't wait!
2 gay men sold it to me...they were amazing. They sold me the chi, and all the chi juice to go along with it. They demonstrated it on me...and I MUST say...FABU!! I sooo want to plug it in at my desk, but fear something might catch fire. I would hate to be the reason we had to evacuate the building. I will wait until I get home. I will check in with the results tomorrow!

OMG! It happened!

Lately...I have been seeing a lot of McStarbucks...and by a lot, I mean EVERY DAY! It has been nice to get a piece of eye candy before work...and quite frankly, at 7:30...I look my best...I don't have the day all over me yet...So...I like it. I love my starbucks in the morning...can someone tell me why the first sip is intoxicating? I love that taste, that feel!! morning, I am on my way over to the bar to get my drink...and there is a line behind me...he is in it, I know because I saw him come in...I played I always do...and as I walk back around...he says "excuse me..." YES! You read that right...he spoke to ME! So...I smile at him...and he asks me if I go to the Y in Sewickley? I do not...then he says, I am look like I know you from somewhere...I want to say "You might recognize me from my dreams!!" but figure that is pretty cheesy...and also kinda stalkerish...and we want to save stalkerish until we have spoken a little bit I say...You know...I thought the same about you?! Like there is somewhere I know you from. Really? I don't know him from anywhere...but I tried to make him feel there were more smiles and what ever...we'll see how tomorrow goes!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wait for it...a MC STARBUCKS UPDATE!!

I know! Who is more excited than me??
This morning...I had to be at work a little bit earlier...which is usually IMPOSSIBLE for me to pull off...but today, I was up and out! I was feelin pretty Elton John Cd blaring...shut up. You know you listen to it too...Island I was contemplating Starbucks. It is a little game that I play with myself....I pretend that I am not sure if I am going to get it...then I pull in anyway...well...much to my, I pulled in and guess who was there?? I know you already know this...because of the title...but MC STARBUCKS! OMG! All jeans and boots...oozing sexy all over the counter!! So...I go in...and the coffee guy (and I know they have special titles...but fuck...I don't know what they are...) says "Good morning" to me...So, I returned the gesture. Well. Mc Starbucks thought I was bidding him Good morning...and turned, smiled, and said "Good morning!" I KNOW!! OMG!! RIGHT?!! So...then...the 'bucks wasn't the cashier...(again, I know they have special names...but come on.) jokes about my daily order...and we are joking...and he is all smiling and joining in!! It was a real break through!! I think...anyway!!
Of course...I managed to make an ass out of spite of it all! I basically SKIPPED out to my car...(which was parked next to the blue durango....:) ) and while moving stuff around to accommodate my coffee...I was also smiling like a fool and probably making a funny face (no probably...I was...) So...he saw that. But that is ok!
I also learned a little bit more about him today. He (or his wife) is an alumni of Penn State. He has least one...and there was a bike rack on the back of the durango today...athletic, anyone? Remember, his name is John. And he works to the right of Starbucks. If this fits the description of anyone you know...please, tell him he has an admirer at Starbucks...
As for me...I will be basking in the glow of the sighting!! I may just be early for work EVERY DAY!! (oh...who am I kidding!?)