Sunday, July 19, 2009

A little back story

As I read the last post, I realized that I sound shallow and borderline retarded. I am neither. When I make mention of the naked and the car rules, I only do so in jest. They are a convo that I have with a friend...who knows that I am only half way kidding.
The "ghetto ass" car comment sounded bad. Really? I would dismiss a guy based only on his car? No. I like to be average. I don't like attention. I don't want to roll up in a BMW any more than I want to roll up in a big old car with silver rims. Besides, we are approaching 40. Rims? Really? I have dismissed a man who drive the biggest, honking is truck you would ever want to see. Brand new. 4 doors. 6 wheels, 2 ginormous side view mirrors...diesel. No thanks. It is too much. Too big. Too flashy. Too obvious. I also have dismissed a man who drove one of those PT Cruiser type things. Because that? Is just weird. Plus, he was shorter than I am and I couldn't see myself naked with him.
My search for Mr. Right continues...but these are some things I consider...Perhaps if I weren't so picky, it wouldn't be so hard? Oh wait. Isn't that settling?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Let's Start at the Very Beginning...this? isn't the beginning.

Ok...I have not posted anything in far too long. Let's forget the past and go from here...Well...not forget the past.
I am going to attempt to relive the past 9 or so months, to the best of my recollection. The passages will be out of order...don't try to make sense of anything.
First. Everyone gets a nickname.

7/9 No nickname as of print...
Tonights date was all kinds of weird. I got good vibes and bad. In certain light, I liked certain light he needed to go and scrub his mustache off. I met him online too. You would think I would learn from the past. You would be VERY wrong. We had fun. He was nice. Normal conversation...has kids...didn't seem to have any weird issues or obvious quirks...but he was small. Small framed. He was reserved. I could probably date him again, but he is from this town. This tiny little town, where everyone knows everyone. And, if they don't, they know someone who does know everyone. We left the restaurant and he walked me to my car...which was parked next to this ghetto ass car. The ghetto ass car? Belonged to him. Of course it did. OF COURSE IT DID. I have 2 questions that I ask myself when I first meet a guy. 1. Can I see myself naked with him? and 2. Can I see myself in his car? I don't know why that is...and clearly, it is not a good indicator, because everyone who has passed those two questions has turned out to be a douche bag or an escape artist. The thing is, if I waiver on ONE of those, but the second one is a strong yes, then I can over look things. But if I am waivering on one and the second one is a big fat no...then wa over. Tonight? In the parking lot? Game over.
This pisses me off. I created more laundry...and I wasted a full face of make up. Once again, I wasted the pretty. For what? A nice meal and conversation...ok. I kinda wish I could over look this...maybe see him again. But he knows people that I know. And I have done that before. I can't do it again. is all "bye bye bye!" and Back to the drawing board for me.