Sunday, July 19, 2009

A little back story

As I read the last post, I realized that I sound shallow and borderline retarded. I am neither. When I make mention of the naked and the car rules, I only do so in jest. They are a convo that I have with a friend...who knows that I am only half way kidding.
The "ghetto ass" car comment sounded bad. Really? I would dismiss a guy based only on his car? No. I like to be average. I don't like attention. I don't want to roll up in a BMW any more than I want to roll up in a big old car with silver rims. Besides, we are approaching 40. Rims? Really? I have dismissed a man who drive the biggest, honking is truck you would ever want to see. Brand new. 4 doors. 6 wheels, 2 ginormous side view mirrors...diesel. No thanks. It is too much. Too big. Too flashy. Too obvious. I also have dismissed a man who drove one of those PT Cruiser type things. Because that? Is just weird. Plus, he was shorter than I am and I couldn't see myself naked with him.
My search for Mr. Right continues...but these are some things I consider...Perhaps if I weren't so picky, it wouldn't be so hard? Oh wait. Isn't that settling?

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