Sunday, December 31, 2006

911...what is your emergency?

Uhm. Yeah. I am pretty sure that today ranks right up there with one of the funniest days of my life. I will admit that while it was happening, I didn't think it was all that funny...however, looking back, I can laugh and laugh.
It is New Years Eve...I have no plans, other than to spend the evening/night with my kids and the dog...which is fine...but the boys got a gift card from Toys R us...and wanted to spend them, so since we really had no other plans, the three of us made the trek to TRU. I am quite certain that if you look, you will find my picture, along with the delinquents, on the wall under the heading, Persona Non Grata. So. Before I forget...along with their gift cards, the boys are clutching plastic cups full of change that they shook from their piggy banks. Fine, what ever. Except that we are not even IN the store yet and Logan drops his and spills probably $15 worth of change all over the floor in the entrance way. Maybe I should have known then what was to come...anyway...I set the time limit to 1/2 hour and away we went. 35 minutes later we are no closer to knowing what we want than when we got I suggest movies...and right away Logan finds a dozen that he wants! So...he is Patch...I turn my attention to helping my son find a movie or 2 that he wanted to watch...ignoring Logan. BIG MISTAKE. I have never been afraid that someone would TAKE him. Hell no. But when I couldn't find him...I thought maybe I should look for him...have you ever had the sinking feeling in your gut when you know that shrieking noise that you hear is coming from your kid and it cannot be good? Yeah. So. I had that. And I start running toward the back of the store...and there he is...riding a kettle car type vehicle up and down the aisles...with a small band of followers running along behind him! He was far enough away from the department that the car belonged in for me to be embarrassed that he was without my attention for that long...I CANNOT believe that he is doing that. So. When I said "Logan, what are you doing?" he said..."Looking for you." I guess that makes sense to a 5 year old. So. After a few dirty looks from uptight parents and a TRU employee, we got things put back together...and go to collect Patrick...who is afraid to leave the movie dept with the movie that he wants because the alarm will ring and he doesn't want to get in trouble. (which kid is destined for an ivy league school and which one is most certainly going to be a plumber?) At the check out, I was reminded why they have so many coins in their bank...because I HATE to spend change. But it was lesson time. So. After counting out $10.26 for Patch and $14.65 for Logan...the only lesson that was learned was the one I learned and that is no matter how good of an idea taking your kids to TRU sounds, it NEVER is.
We return home and I have to run to the grocery store before they close, which it turns out, just because I don't have plans on NYE, other people in the world DO. And the grocery store closes at 6. So...I start dinner and head out. At the grocery store, it was crowded, but not too crowded...the only thing going on there was a push to save grocery bags, apparently, because I only got 2 bags for $40 worth of groceries...Yes. Congrats jackass, you can fit all of my groceries in 2 bags, HOWEVER, I can't carry those bags. So...I get home to an unusually quiet house. Hmm...what is going on I say? I am informed that while I was gone, Logan dialed 911 and the police showed up! Yes. Logan. The one who had earlier, ridden the kettle car thru the toy store, that one. Uhm...He dialed 911? Yeah...turns out he thought Craig was burning the mushrooms and felt like he should call 911. The police came and "looked around" this is 2nd hand information, because I wasn't here. Had I been here, I think the boys would be in protective custody right now. How embarrassing. (and comical at the very same time.) He seemed upset that the fire trucks didn't show up and that there were no "lights flashing" but we drove home the idea that you don't call 911 UNLESS it is an EMERGENCY. We'll see how long til the next emergency.
So. That has been my day....What an end to an already crazy year!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Too Many Choices...

So, my therapist is on vacation this week, more than likely on my dime...but I was looking for a little outlet for my anxiety, if you will. So. I took the show that is my life, on the road. Yep. All the way to Target. Daring? Maybe. Stupid? Undoubtedly. Actually, it wasn't that bad.
I can rarely, if ever, leave Target having spent under $80. I have no idea why, I could be buying 2 packs of gum and some dental floss, and still the total would be $80. It just works out that way, and I accept it. What ever.
So today, I am sans kids/husband/distraction and it is just me. Strolling the aisles of Target in search of something that I had to have, but didn't need. I didn't know what I was looking for...except a book...I have been looking for A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss...and it seems to be sold continuing my stroll...I come across something rather alarming. A 6 pack of KY Jelly. Yeah. You read that right. A 6 Pack. Of KY Jelly. I don't get it either. It isn't like KY Jelly is ACTUAL JELLY that you put on your toast. It is something that you know. Sex...and stuff. So. I am kind of perplexed as to why the variety? I couldn't get too close to it, lest I be labeled as someone who would NEED KY Jelly...and you know, there is probably nothing wrong with that, but still. I don't know. Whatever. So, I wrapped up my time and hurried home to google KY Jelly...I HAD to know. Ok. So. It turns out that it is actually KY "Touch Massage." In case you don't believe me, you can check it here. just got my shit thinking about all kinda crazy things...and how I would almost, ALMOST, like to work somewhere that people had to buy condoms and shit like that from me...I am pretty sure I would get fired for fucking with someone...but still...i know it would be worth it.
And, in case you were wondering...contents of Target bags: 4 assorted red throw pillows for livingroom (trying the red/sage look that is hot these days...) an address book (don't ask) a dog lead (it is getting too cold for this bitch to stand outside while Mickey takes his good old time taking a shit.) a book (meg Cabot A Size 14 Isn't Fat Either) a pair of knit type slipper things (that look so cute and stylish and will be ok to wear out to put the dog on the new lead) a lamp base (because the dog and cat broke the one that previously resided on my dresser...)and surprisingly, I spent $70.66. That was after the $5 gift card was applied. (side note, I got the gift card from a purchase that I made before Christmas, and was GOING to regift it to the bus driver, but didn't...good thing, because the girl said 'oh you must have purchased blah blah blah to get this.' Imagine if I had regifted it and she would have said that to the bus driver? My kids would be last to be saved in an accident, first to be pushed off, and not crossed carefully!) So for once in I can't tell you how long, I got out of Target spending LESS than $80. It was a good I promptly stopped and got a Starbucks on the way the bucks.
So...that was my Target shopping experience...I came home to find that my husband had invited our sons friend over...the kid that I CANNOT tolerate for more than about 5 seconds. So. Basically all of my hard work was undone in 5 seconds. Awesome. Good think I made the Starbucks stop...otherwise I probably would have killed atleast ONE if not BOTH my son and his friend...maybe the dog and certainly the CAT. I spare my husband, because he would still bail my crazy ass out of the slammer. Why just today, he said..."honey, your ass looks great in those jeans." As long as we have romance, what more can I ask for?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ho Ho Holidays

Riddle me this. What the fuck is up with the Christmas decorations? People are going BANANAS these days with this...I take issue with the whole "plastic nativity set" lit in the front yard right next to the giant inflatable snowman...I am pretty certain that Frosty was not at the birth of Jesus. Nor was Santa, for that matter. I mean...really. It is one thing to celebrate the season and they symbols that represent said celebration, but somehow, displaying a plastic nativity set, complete with plastic wisemen and donkey, does not guarantee you a spot in Heaven. And. Speaking of the giant inflatable things that people are displaying out on the lawn...ARE YOU PEOPLE BLIND? I mean really. A giant inflatable santa? Or how about the inflatable Grinch? Or my personal favorite, Homer Simpson in a santa suit...AWESOME. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" quite like Homer Simpson. And. This year, the people at Giant Inflatable Holiday Decorations R Us, have out done themselves! Have you seen the inflatable "snow globes?" Real classy. What will come next? I am actually afraid for next season.
Also. Might I make mention of those among us who feel the need to decorate their cars. WHAT THE FUCK? Really? Your car? That sounds like a good idea?? NO! It isn't. Why do you need a wreath strapped to the front of your buick? You don't. Or how about the minivan I saw in the parking lot at Mc Donalds with the pine garland around the roof rack? That is AWESOME. How does the conversation like that start? "Hey honey. Have you seen the wreath and the garland for my car?" And why isn't a conversation like that ended with "You stupid mother fucker, why do you need to decorate your car?" Maybe that is a little harsh...but come on. Do you know how Christmas goes at our house? I mention to my husband that we might want to get a tree...and then...once we get it...the kids mention that maybe we need to decorate the tree...Things get done, but they certainly get done in stages...and there is no mention of car decorations.
And...while we are on the subject...Who thought up the whole Christmas sweater?
I guess you better go...I am keeping you from your Christmas sweater wearing, giant inflatable Santa loving, car decorating, plastic jesus.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holiday Spirit...and fist fights...

ok. today might not be a testimony to my mental stability. I had to go to Best Buy on my lunch hour to pick up the IPod for the kid who didn't want the dog. I get there...and mind you, it had not been the best morning to begin with...actually, it all started last night...(cue the scooby doo dream scene...) You see...we got the pooch on Saturday and everything was great and fine. It was even mildly amusing that he didn't "do"steps. "hee hee...the dog is just as lazy as you are..." "ha are carrying our 50lb dog up the steps." and so it went...but last night, said dog would NOT go down the steps to go into his crate for beddy by. So. After my husband suggested I carry the crate upstairs...(it is such a good thing that he is not a mind reader...) (he works midnights...)I opted to sleep on the couch...with the dog. So. I get him up this morning, walk him...he diddles and doodles...and I get a shower...well. we are late, OF COURSE...and I take the pooch out for a walk and then attempt to put him in the crate. Why I thought that he would somehow go down the steps, is beyond me. Brakes are is going NO WHERE. So. Weighing my shitting on the carpet or hearing my father in law say "I told you so"...I went for dog shit on the carpet...and left him in the livingroom...knowing that my husband would be home at some point...well...we get to the road we usually take to get to the in laws...and it is blocked by 2 big dump trucks. What the fuck? Could someone have mentioned this to me? So. We are already late. Now we are just getting later. I take the other way to the inlaws...which sets us back a few minutes...and in the morning, minutes are precious. We get there...of course, the little one doesn't have a belt on...natch...why would things go well? At this point, he could go to school in his underwear...I was LATE. After a performance that would make Denny Hamlin (yes...lame fedex reference...) proud...I made it to work at 8:01. Yes. The Saturn does do 85 mph. I would have thought the doors would fly off, but they didn't.
Oh. so back to the fist fight...clearly, my nerves are shot...I mean, the way the morning I go to Best Buy...and am in the parking lot and this JACK ASS is sitting in the middle of the road, with his turn signal, I am NOT going to take your space, but at the same time, I can't go around you because you are parked in the middle of the driving part. So, I get around them. Park and walk to the store, while they are still waiting to park. I don't understand that. You would rather SIT in the car than park 2 spots further away and get in and get out? Naturally, I have to make arm motions at of them might have been a finger gesture...MIGHT HAVE BEEN. And there was some lip reading to be done. Anyway...when I walked by them...I stopped, looked at them, and gave them the "thumbs up" if to say...hey jackass...glad you are still waiting...I will be done and back to work before you get in the I get into the store and they come in...and I hear the wife say "She is still on the cell phone..." OH. NO YOU DIDN'T. I was on the cell phone on hold waiting for effin toys r us to pick up so I could ask them if they had the baby alive that my friends daughter, whos parents are about to get divorced could have some happiness in her life, and you are going to give me shit about it? So, I close the phone and say "Way to FUCK up the parking lot, asshole." In appropriate? Maybe. But it did feel good. You big fat turtleneck (not sweater, just turtleneck) wearer...Way to accentuate the positive. So...That was my trip to the retail hell on my lunch. Oh. Then I went to Burger King. WRONG. BIG MISTAKE. Why do they not post a big sign outside of Burger King that says..."yes. Our food smells delicious, but our employees are RETARDED." But I digress.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mc Starbucks Surfaces...

OMFG! the background of this blog, the song "It's a small world" is playing...
Saturday night, I go out with my girl. Lola and I head to the regular dive bar with the karaoke guy who wants to bang us both...(this was confirmed last night...more on that in a second.) Anyway...I am sitting there...and WHO WALKS IN? Well. Duh. The title of the blog is Mc NATURALLY, I speak of Mc Starbucks. YES! He was was his wife. Yes. A little bit of a let down...(sarcasm there...) After staring at him for a good, oh I don't know, 4 hours...I have determined a few things. 1. He is, by definition, BURLY. Yes. If I spelled that wrong you can bite me. But he is a bigger guy. Not fat, but burly. I was into it. 2. His wife, while not even a little bit pretty, has very fancy feet. They were there with a group from a wedding(assuming that the one lady doesn't wear bridesmaid dresses out on a regular basis...but we all know about assuming...) The wife was all dressed up...and her feet were so fancy. She had about 3 toe rings on each foot and an anklet to boot. Perhaps Mc Starbucks has a foot fetish. That would explain a few things, I suppose.
I am kinda over him now. Seeing him in a different surrounding, with a strange group of people, I wasn't digging it.
But. The karaoke dj confirmed my suspicions that he was interested in more than hearing my version of LIKE A VIRGIN...(wait for the album...)He walked me out and promptly said "I was going to ask you to come back to my place tonight..." Clearly, not to sing. You will all be relieved to know that I DID NOT go back. There is something NOT SO SEXY about the whole thing. Oh. And the marriage thing too. Yeah. I forgot about that!
And.I plan, at some point to blog about my whole trip to the Big Apple and the fact that I sat on the mother fucking runway at La Guardia for oh about 4 to my girl Julie...who crossed back and forth from annoying to irritating. We did get water. And by the time we took off, the bathrooms smelled like the urinals at Starlake! Yummy!


I am stealing that line from you Lauren. I will credit you with it everytime...unlike our girl Belt-a-saurus Rex...she will steal your shit and claim it as her own, so fast! is my blog-a-saurus Rex about the whole trip to NYC. Mind you...I am calmed it may not be as funny.
Main characters in this story: Shruggy (Lauren) and Belt-A-Saurus Rex (Julie)
Monday...BIG mistake. We let shruggy pick the spot for dinner. ONLY after we had drinks at probably the only bar in Manhattan that NO ONE went to. We rolled up to that bar and instantly the population inside TRIPLED! There was no one there. We ditched that "hot spot" for dinner. I am not sure, but I think Monday was destined to be somewhat UNFORGETABLE. The place Shrugs picked was some place at the bottom of the empire state building. We ordered apps, shout out to JB and the days of 3 course meals...and dinner. There were 3 of us, and we asked about 3 seperate checks...which proved to be a dilema for the waitress. We ate there, anyway...and we probably shouldn't have. I blame myself for that. So. I order steak. You can't fuck steak up, right? WRONG. It was the worst excuse for a steak I have ever seen...and I have eaten at PONDEROSA for crying out loud. I can't even begin to describe it. Gross is probably a fair word. So it is time to leave and we ask if they can split the bill with 3 cards...the waitress goes on and on about how it is the holiday season and they can't. Apparently, Math takes a holiday. So. I start to get a little pissed off and ask to speak to a manager. Well. It turned out they COULD split it 3 ways. I also slipped in that the waitress was rude. Didn't matter...because they already added 18% onto our bill for a tip. I inquired about that as well...but again...the holiday season. I will never go back there again.
Tuesday...the big day for the Jets event. And...really where I fall head over heels in love with Shrugs. (I is news to her too.) We get to the Meadowlands...the wine is flowing was just an all around good time. I toured the stadium with her...but it really got fun when she and Belt-a-saurus Rex ended up a little tipsy. Aaron, Belt's date for the evening, was also drinking plenty of the free wine. They were funny. So...I kiss Tim Dwight. (I love to say that.) Then we are in line to get an autograph...unbeknownst to me, Aaron tells Tim that the girl 2 back wants to "bang" him...which, make no mistake, I DID...but he didn't need to tell him that. So. It is my turn and I couldn't decide if I should give TD a lap dance or what? So, I say, can I kiss you? and plant one on his cheek...well. This tips both him and Jonathan Vilma off to the fact that I was the girl who wanted to bang him! I didn't end up banging case you were wondering...but now that he is out for the season, I am thinking about another trip to NYC, I mean, he clearly has a lot of time on his hands.
Wed. Shrugs and I head to Little Italy for a nice, quiet, romantic dinner. I would have proposed to her, but lets just say it is a good thing that I didn't. Dinner was nice. My favorite place in the whole world to eat. (keep in mind that my world is pretty small...but still) I bet my left overs are still in the fridge at the hotel...We walked the streets of Little Italy...I bought a knock off Dolce and Gabbana bag. I thought that I had sworn off the knock offs, but this one looks great! It was fun....
Thurs...Belt-a-saurus, Shrugs, and my self join a few others for some happy hour festivities. I wanted to see the tree at Rockafeller as soon as hotty mchotterson left, Belt and I were OUT OF THERE...we cabbed it to RC to see the tree...which, kinda looked a lot like a tree. Hmm. I was slightly disappointed. Belts, however, decided to spread the holiday cheer. She strolled the area, looking for families who appeared to be in need of a picture taken. Yes. It was classic. Until she starts yelling about the "foreigners" not knowing how to work a "GD" camera. Which kinda rained on the holiday spirit. I mean, she didn't yell AT them...but still. She also got mad at me for "stealing her JuJu" what ever that means. We finished up with a $125 dinner. I swear we LEFT more food than a third world country HAS. But what ever.
Friday begins the day from hell. We leave for the airport at 12:30pm. Seemingly plenty of time for our 3:35 departure. The bellman at the airport can't find my luggage at first. Would I mind going with him to locate it? Ok. What? So. My luggage is located, and we head out. This shady doorman offers to get us a "ride" to the airport...which we now know means the scenic tour of Queens. I swear, this driver had NEVER been to the airport before that day. NEVER. He would pull up to a stop sign (which, if you go the right way to La Guardia, there should be NO STOP SIGNS) and would kinda look left and right in a shifty manner that indicated he was unsure which way to go...At one point, we are in the middle of the intersection. Cars are turning left. Cars are turning right. Going straight is NOT an I say "I hate to point this out, but I don't think that you KNOW where you are going. We are in the middle of the intersection." Which may have pissed him off, but we did go right and that turned out to be the right way to go. There was a collective sigh when we saw the sign for La Guardia. We did make it about 2:30. Not really a 2 hour ride, but what ever...didn't matter. Our flight was going to be delayed like a mother fucker. 3:35 departure was pushed back to 4:45, then 5:35. We boarded and were ready to go...pushed from the gate...OH. Wait. We are not going ANYWHERE. seems they closed all of the routes to the west. Which incidently, we were going. So. we sit. And we sit. and then we continue sitting...We sat until, oh I don't know...9:15 ish? Yeah. Awesome. No food. No drinks, aside from the occasional glass of water that the flight attendant would bring by. The bathroom smelled like a urinal. Belts kept opening the perfume ads in her magazine, forcing me to threaten to kill her right there. At one point, the plane seemed to be "driving around" and I asked if we couldn't get dropped at the hotel near by...not so much. We got home at 11pm. 11 PM. I had only eaten the 2 bags of snack mix that Belts managed to swindle for us...nothing is open in the COUNTY at 11pm. It was one crazy mother fucking trip.
I did have fun.

Friday, November 10, 2006

reflections of a birthday girl.

Tomorrow is my birf day. I don't really care...I do secretly really care, but I don't really really care. I find humor in the fact that my good friends at Macy's sent me a $10 coupon to use at their nice store. I also got something similar from the good folks at Victoria Secret. Something tells me I shop too much. The other cool thing that I got is a gift cert. from Nick & Stef's steakhouse in NYC for $50 off dinner. $50 off dinner! That is incredible. I am usually in NYC for my bday, so this pans out for me...I won't be there this year, but I will be there the end of the month, so I plan to use it. Funny, I get better gifts from people that I don't know than from people that I do know. Isn't that something? I have already spent the $ from VS on new jammies. The jammies are all for me. They are pink long underwear type with strawberries on them. I love them. They are size medium. That makes me love them even more.
I am headed out tonight with my friend Trish...who may also be referred to as Lola in the blog. Either way, she is one and the same. We are doing dinner. Then who knows what. I hope a little shoppy shop.
Wow. this is incredibly boring. I will stop now.
Happy birthday to me.

new blog

I have moved some of this over from my myspace page...I think I will like it better this way. Lemme know!

Terror and the beauty products

I felt this deserved its own blog...It started taking over the "things that annoy me" I moved it. You'll thank me at some point.
The would seem that there is a new rule about not being able to look good when you reach your destination. Yes. The mean old security guy wanted to confiscate my ENTIRE morning routine. Does he think my hair is NATURALLY this beautiful? OH HELL NO. He starts pullin out shit and I was like "Uhm, excuse me, but what are you doing?" Yes. I did know that there had been a terror thing going on. Yes. I do support the crack down on terror. But lets look at this. You start taking my beauty products and you are going to WISH I were only a terrorist. Come on. AND. He wanted to take that shit I spent $82 on from the dermatologist. YEAH, I don't think so. Because my fucking ticket only cost me $75. If you think I am kicking over my shit you are CRAZY. And my Straight hair shit that I can only find at ULTA...and I HATE to go into ULTA. Crazy. I would be more likely to blow up a plane WITHOUT the beauty stuff than with it. And I bet now that I said "blow up a plane" I am officially on some government list that will prevent me from EVER travelling again without a rectal exam. Well. I say BRING IT. Because of all places on me I would think you want to go, my rectum IS NOT one of them.
Now. I know you are wondering...did she even GO on this trip? I mean. Shit. I was nearly without my hair and face. Well. Read on...I pulled my near psycho-self together and asked if I could check the bag? Turns out that is an option. So. My $82 face shit was able to make the trip. BUT. When I went to help the asshole repack my bag...I got YELLED at for putting my FEDEX envelope on the table and reaching over the "wall" EASY Charlie. I zipped that bitch and you are NEVER going to get it alone. But TRY if you must. And as for the supervisor who did the yelling. Please. It was a FEDEX envelope. Clearly, I am IMPORTANT. Well. The bag got zipped. I managed to get out of security without a fist fight...but and this is funny...the guy CARRIED my bag out along the wall until we were passed the secure part and I was able to be alone with my beauty products without being a threat to national security. Also. I had my boots in tow. Fuck that. You have to take them off to go thru security? Again. YES. I read about the shoe bomber. I get where they are coming from...but honestly, my FEET don't even fit in these think I have room for any explosives? Yeah. The ones I couldn't fit in my moisturizer, I threw in my shoe. Well. Since I had to go check my bag...I wasn't putting the shoes on...then taking them back off again. Hell no. So. I paraded thru the airport with my bag of terror and my boots. Awesome.
It all worked. I arrived at my routine and all...Inspite of the mean people at the security check point who looked like they could do with a beauty routine upgrade. Maybe that is it. Not only are they fighting terrorism, but they are also fighting flawless skin and straight, shiny hair.
But I digress.

Starbuck's Man

I am officially in LOVE. Ok. Maybe not love. Not even like...but OMG. I have a raging crush on this guy that I see at Starbucks. I have become addicted to both him and the coffee there. It is a sad state of affairs. Every morning, I run around like a crazy person...trying to get myself together...shouting at the kids...we have to be at my inlaws by a certain time, or else I don't see him. There are days when the boys are close to leaving the house in their underwear, just so mommy can get her coffee and eye candy. LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy. I know you are wondering more about him...and yes. I do know his name. And yes. We have spoken. How do I know his name? I basically parked next to him...and his ID was hanging from the mirror. I wish I knew where he worked, but really, the mystery is the allure, here. (I am currently ABOVE rummaging thru his glove box. I am sure this status will change...but for now, I will NOT do it.) He drives a blue Durango. He wears jeans and boots to work. He is too clean, he doesn't look dirty, like he works construction. He drinks regular coffee...and last Wed we exchanged our first words. He touched my arm (gasp!) and told me to---are you ready for this??---"have a good day." O M G! Naturally, being witty and quick, I said "you too!" and proceeded to stand there and smile like a goof. Real good. Keep 'em wanting more, that is what I say. I didn't get to see him again until this morning. And. We exchanged word again. Yes. I know I said WORD, not words, because it was only a one word exchange. He said "HEY!" and I smiled. I know I know...coy! That is what you are thinking. This time, I watched the blue durango drive out of the lot and turn right. So. That really means nothing to me...except that he doesn't work somewhere to the left of Starbucks. What is a girl to do? I also think he may be married. It is all good though.
So...stand by for news on the starbucks man. I look for another "word" exchange soon. Wait there, on the edge of your seat.
I am changing the color for the update...because some of you might not be able to pick up the change...not naming names, of course...
So...Starbucks man...It has been 2 long, lonely weeks since I have seen him. I am not quite sure what I am going to do. There has been some talk of mentioning my crush to the actual Starbucks workers, Thanks Maria, and creating a tale of find out information about him...It is early when I go I would really have to get a good night sleep...and be ON MY I don't see that happening in the near future...simply because I STILL HAVE CUSTODY of these kids. I have, however, began a friendship with the cute little cashier...she kinda remembers my am hoping to parlay that into some information...I have to remain patient (I hope you will too...) I just don't know what I am going to do...2 full weeks without even a GLIMPSE of Starbucks man...In my head, our next conversation will go like this: Me, very sexy smile, "Hi there!" Him: Very cute smile "Hi! I have not seen you in a while. Where you away?" Me: still cute smile "I was in New York last week for work." (in my best...I am very important, but trying to sound so casual...voice) Him: "New York? Wow! Did you have a nice trip..." and then there is more small talk...I just can't figure out where I want this to go...on the one hand...I am married...on the other...he is so cute! Do I want to know his name? Really...I mean, technically, I do. It is John. But I don't know anything else...other than the whole, he works to the right of Starbucks and drives a blue durango and wears jeans and work boots to work...I guess I will just wait to see how this little drama plays out...

work fun I walked in to work...I saw 2 very funny SHOE mistakes. Really, you would think 2 shoe mistakes would take longer to happen than the 7 minutes it takes me to get from my car to my desk...but alas...they did!
The first MISTAKE I saw was a girl...who is often in violation of the shoe code of conduct...but she was rockin a pair of cantalope colored flats. Yes. I said cantalope. It was bizarre to the point of disturbing. I don't didn't match what she was wearing. I don' think they COULD have matched what she was wearing...So...after that violation...I ran into POCAHONTIS. Mother fuck, I thought that the Indian boots were extinct. But, turns out, there is one more pair hiding out...Jeans, Indian boots, and a denim shirt. Nice look. Had she completed the outfit with a traditional head-dress, I might have been less surprised.