Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mc Starbucks Surfaces...

OMFG! the background of this blog, the song "It's a small world" is playing...
Saturday night, I go out with my girl. Lola and I head to the regular dive bar with the karaoke guy who wants to bang us both...(this was confirmed last night...more on that in a second.) Anyway...I am sitting there...and WHO WALKS IN? Well. Duh. The title of the blog is Mc NATURALLY, I speak of Mc Starbucks. YES! He was was his wife. Yes. A little bit of a let down...(sarcasm there...) After staring at him for a good, oh I don't know, 4 hours...I have determined a few things. 1. He is, by definition, BURLY. Yes. If I spelled that wrong you can bite me. But he is a bigger guy. Not fat, but burly. I was into it. 2. His wife, while not even a little bit pretty, has very fancy feet. They were there with a group from a wedding(assuming that the one lady doesn't wear bridesmaid dresses out on a regular basis...but we all know about assuming...) The wife was all dressed up...and her feet were so fancy. She had about 3 toe rings on each foot and an anklet to boot. Perhaps Mc Starbucks has a foot fetish. That would explain a few things, I suppose.
I am kinda over him now. Seeing him in a different surrounding, with a strange group of people, I wasn't digging it.
But. The karaoke dj confirmed my suspicions that he was interested in more than hearing my version of LIKE A VIRGIN...(wait for the album...)He walked me out and promptly said "I was going to ask you to come back to my place tonight..." Clearly, not to sing. You will all be relieved to know that I DID NOT go back. There is something NOT SO SEXY about the whole thing. Oh. And the marriage thing too. Yeah. I forgot about that!
And.I plan, at some point to blog about my whole trip to the Big Apple and the fact that I sat on the mother fucking runway at La Guardia for oh about 4 to my girl Julie...who crossed back and forth from annoying to irritating. We did get water. And by the time we took off, the bathrooms smelled like the urinals at Starlake! Yummy!

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