Friday, April 25, 2008


I took a major leave of absence from my life this week...I went to Boston for work and didn't do one thing that I usually do.
I didn't blog. I didn't read blogs. I talked to my kids, but that was it. I didn't email. I just laid low. It was great. Nice. Fun. No worries. I didn't even know who won the election in PA until I saw it on the news.
I am going to catch up...but I'm not in a hurry! I am sitting in the airport...waiting for my 9pm flight. I thought it was an 8pm flight...and I got to the airport kind of I had about 4 hours to kill...
I went to Harvard for an evening. It was fun to walk around and take in the sights. Seeing students on the lawn, playing frisbee or catch...walking dogs, holding really was nice.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Who's the Boss?


Big: Mom...who is that girl with the brown hair from that show in the 80's?
Me: Really? You couldn't be any less specific?
Big: MOM! You know...I think she was on Who's the Boss?
Me: Alyssa Milano?
Big: Yes. Alyssa Milano. With your new haircut, that is who you look like.

Apparently, a good hair cut can change your whole appearance!

I got my hair cut today...I drove an hour...spent 2 1/2 hours getting it cut, colored, and highlighted...and fell in love. The cut is amazing. Funny how that happens. Apparently, there IS a difference! I guess the $5 box I was selecting was maybe not the best!! I LOVE the color. I LOVE the cut! I will post a picture tomorrow...maybe...unless Tony Danza calls, then I am totally outta here!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


warning: random post about girl stuff

Yesterday, I got a surprise visit from Aunt Rose. She was early. I had no tampons. At work, we have the machine that dispenses them for a quarter. I put the quarter in, my ONLY quarter, and *CLICK* nothing came out. I wiggled the handle, I hit the machine, I even tried the old "swear at it" method. Nothing. Here I am, in the bathroom, banging on a tampon machine and swearing at it...A woman in a stall hears my plight. She kindly offers up a tampon. (I totally plan to pay it forward...) I take it. In the stall...UHM? Hello? was she 11? It is the SMALLEST tampon I have ever seen. Seriously. I put bigger things in my ears to clean them. Who has a vajayjay that small?

I guess when I "pay it forward" the lucky recipient will probably be like "UHM? Hello? Who has a vajayjay that big?" Oh well!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Guitar Hero

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My little rock star! We played GH3 all weekend...I beat it on easy feat, let me tell you! I am one song in on medium. Big is trying to beat the first boss guy...Little hates it...but sings along. It is awesome to hear him sing "Slow Ride..."

Saturday, April 12, 2008

If I could save time in a bottle...

The car ride on our date tonight...Big and I...

"mom...if we 'Flintstone' your car, I think we would go faster..."
" know, cut holes in the floor so our feet can hit the ground..."
"Where do you come up with this?"

So, Big and I had a fabulous date. We just poked around the mall area...had dinner at the Steak N Shake...deelish...He ate a double cheeseburger with fries and fresh fruit on the side and a chocolate/vanilla milkshake. He is 10, remember. He ate it ALL. Crazy. We went to the bookstore and each picked out a new book...then went to Starbucks and played checkers until the comfy chairs were free...then we settled into them to read. We were there for about an hour. I think I could have stayed all night...possibly forever. I know there is going to be a time in the not so distant future, where it won't be cool to hang out with me at Starbucks. I know this. I accept it. But for now...I will just enjoy it for what it is!

Earlier, I read a post over at Miss Britt...where she says she a cleansing response, I reported all of the ways that I also suck. I suck because my kids are so long overdue for a haircut, I think they have Caucasian Afros. They have a perpetual kool aid mustache, since kool aid is about all we have to drink car is out of 2 or 3 months...I know it needs new tires and brakes...and an oil change. I haven't found a place that offers those for free, I just obey most traffic laws and wear a low cut top as a preventative measure. My own hair hasn't been cut since October. I am dangerously close to being mistaken for harvesting caterpillars on my house is in a state of disarray. I have a few outdoor projects that need finished...oh I am sure there was more...but funny how a nice date with a lovely young gentleman, will change your outlook entirely!
There is one person in this world who today, doesn't think I suck! And that is good enough for me!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

I came here to talk about the day...and how incredibly awesome the sun is for showing up today and how the birds rock for tweeting and how the sound of a basketball bouncing in the distance is so incredibly sweet...until my thoughts were interrupted by the stink brothers. They were all "he stole my gun" "he did this" "he did that"...and it caused me to lose my ever lovin' mind. Because REALLY? You're going to whine on a day like today? REALLY?
I just got done telling Big that he had another hour left of his sentence involving being outside for the entire afternoon. He whined "I haven't been on the computer ALL DAY!" I said "I getcher ass outside." It has been below zero here for the last 6 months and I am supposed to be sympathetic? Be kids. Dig in the dirt. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk. Play kickball.
In all honesty, it has been an awesome day. We are working in the flower garden up front. Flower garden might be too strong of a description for the mess that I am talking about...but we'll leave it at that, because you can't see what it really looks like. In the whole 11 years that we have lived her, nothing but weeds have successfully grown in this bed...of flowers. So. I am cutting my loses and scaling back the area that remains barren. I hope that I can at least get some sedum (spelling?) to grow there...that shit grows everywhere...
In homeowner 101, I have decided to tackle a few other tasks...I have enlisted the help of random family members, so as not to burden all at once. New shelves went up in the pantry...YAY! You have no idea how big of a YAY that really is! Next up, painting the kitchen and the dining room. That gets a little yay, because I am the painter.
Baby steps, I guess.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fooled

If you know know that I am a big joker. Laughing is my favorite sport. on the receiving end of an April Fools joke is RARE...for me. I am the joke player.
Today...I was got. someone so unsuspecting it isn't funny! It was a co-worker...we talk 5 or more times a day...and this morning he calls and we are talking about work and stuff and he told me that we wouldn't be working together much of June 1, he would have another territory. I was crushed. We get along so well. I have been at this job for almost 6 years...I have had co-workers in this capacity, come and go, and I couldn't have cared any less. Buh bye. But this new territory...I am learning some teamwork...and I have come to really like and respect this guy. So. To hear that we were "breaking up" really hit me hard.
I am almost embarrassed to say how hard! I nearly cried on the phone with him! How terrible would that have been? In this job, I don't get close to very many people, because frankly, they come and go...those that I do allow to get close, I cherish. So...really, I barely stopped short of proclaiming my undying love for this guy today. (Believe me, I am already embarrassed enough...) He wanted to send me the email that showed all the changes, but I flat out refused. I told him that I wouldn't read it, because I was in denial. I would remain in denial until I couldn't do anything about the changes.
He sent the email. I didn't open it. Our conversation changed and we continued talking about wasn't until about 10 minutes later, right before we were hanging up, that I clicked on the email. Mother Fucker said APRIL FOOLS.
I was fooled, alright.
I couldn't believe that I HAD BEEN GOTTEN!
I have a new found respect for this man. I may offer to have his children.