Friday, April 25, 2008


I took a major leave of absence from my life this week...I went to Boston for work and didn't do one thing that I usually do.
I didn't blog. I didn't read blogs. I talked to my kids, but that was it. I didn't email. I just laid low. It was great. Nice. Fun. No worries. I didn't even know who won the election in PA until I saw it on the news.
I am going to catch up...but I'm not in a hurry! I am sitting in the airport...waiting for my 9pm flight. I thought it was an 8pm flight...and I got to the airport kind of I had about 4 hours to kill...
I went to Harvard for an evening. It was fun to walk around and take in the sights. Seeing students on the lawn, playing frisbee or catch...walking dogs, holding really was nice.

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BOSSY said...

Vacations from oneself are so good.