Saturday, April 12, 2008

If I could save time in a bottle...

The car ride on our date tonight...Big and I...

"mom...if we 'Flintstone' your car, I think we would go faster..."
" know, cut holes in the floor so our feet can hit the ground..."
"Where do you come up with this?"

So, Big and I had a fabulous date. We just poked around the mall area...had dinner at the Steak N Shake...deelish...He ate a double cheeseburger with fries and fresh fruit on the side and a chocolate/vanilla milkshake. He is 10, remember. He ate it ALL. Crazy. We went to the bookstore and each picked out a new book...then went to Starbucks and played checkers until the comfy chairs were free...then we settled into them to read. We were there for about an hour. I think I could have stayed all night...possibly forever. I know there is going to be a time in the not so distant future, where it won't be cool to hang out with me at Starbucks. I know this. I accept it. But for now...I will just enjoy it for what it is!

Earlier, I read a post over at Miss Britt...where she says she a cleansing response, I reported all of the ways that I also suck. I suck because my kids are so long overdue for a haircut, I think they have Caucasian Afros. They have a perpetual kool aid mustache, since kool aid is about all we have to drink car is out of 2 or 3 months...I know it needs new tires and brakes...and an oil change. I haven't found a place that offers those for free, I just obey most traffic laws and wear a low cut top as a preventative measure. My own hair hasn't been cut since October. I am dangerously close to being mistaken for harvesting caterpillars on my house is in a state of disarray. I have a few outdoor projects that need finished...oh I am sure there was more...but funny how a nice date with a lovely young gentleman, will change your outlook entirely!
There is one person in this world who today, doesn't think I suck! And that is good enough for me!!

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~Tori said...

ya... I suck too... ugh!