Sunday, April 06, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

I came here to talk about the day...and how incredibly awesome the sun is for showing up today and how the birds rock for tweeting and how the sound of a basketball bouncing in the distance is so incredibly sweet...until my thoughts were interrupted by the stink brothers. They were all "he stole my gun" "he did this" "he did that"...and it caused me to lose my ever lovin' mind. Because REALLY? You're going to whine on a day like today? REALLY?
I just got done telling Big that he had another hour left of his sentence involving being outside for the entire afternoon. He whined "I haven't been on the computer ALL DAY!" I said "I getcher ass outside." It has been below zero here for the last 6 months and I am supposed to be sympathetic? Be kids. Dig in the dirt. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk. Play kickball.
In all honesty, it has been an awesome day. We are working in the flower garden up front. Flower garden might be too strong of a description for the mess that I am talking about...but we'll leave it at that, because you can't see what it really looks like. In the whole 11 years that we have lived her, nothing but weeds have successfully grown in this bed...of flowers. So. I am cutting my loses and scaling back the area that remains barren. I hope that I can at least get some sedum (spelling?) to grow there...that shit grows everywhere...
In homeowner 101, I have decided to tackle a few other tasks...I have enlisted the help of random family members, so as not to burden all at once. New shelves went up in the pantry...YAY! You have no idea how big of a YAY that really is! Next up, painting the kitchen and the dining room. That gets a little yay, because I am the painter.
Baby steps, I guess.


Melissa said...

Welcome to spring fever my dearest! I'm going through the EXACT same stuff!

~Tori said...

so I suppose saying I'd like to cuddle up with my laptop isn't gonna go over too well (cough:withreesesPBcups:cough)