Thursday, April 17, 2008

Who's the Boss?


Big: Mom...who is that girl with the brown hair from that show in the 80's?
Me: Really? You couldn't be any less specific?
Big: MOM! You know...I think she was on Who's the Boss?
Me: Alyssa Milano?
Big: Yes. Alyssa Milano. With your new haircut, that is who you look like.

Apparently, a good hair cut can change your whole appearance!

I got my hair cut today...I drove an hour...spent 2 1/2 hours getting it cut, colored, and highlighted...and fell in love. The cut is amazing. Funny how that happens. Apparently, there IS a difference! I guess the $5 box I was selecting was maybe not the best!! I LOVE the color. I LOVE the cut! I will post a picture tomorrow...maybe...unless Tony Danza calls, then I am totally outta here!

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~Tori said...

Pic!!! Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!