Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fooled

If you know me...you know that I am a big joker. Laughing is my favorite sport. Yeah...so...being on the receiving end of an April Fools joke is RARE...for me. I am the joke player.
Today...I was got.
And...by someone so unsuspecting it isn't funny! It was a co-worker...we talk 5 or more times a day...and this morning he calls and we are talking about work and stuff and he told me that we wouldn't be working together much longer...as of June 1, he would have another territory. I was crushed. We get along so well. I have been at this job for almost 6 years...I have had co-workers in this capacity, come and go, and I couldn't have cared any less. Buh bye. But this new territory...I am learning some teamwork...and I have come to really like and respect this guy. So. To hear that we were "breaking up" really hit me hard.
I am almost embarrassed to say how hard! I nearly cried on the phone with him! How terrible would that have been? In this job, I don't get close to very many people, because frankly, they come and go...those that I do allow to get close, I cherish. So...really, I barely stopped short of proclaiming my undying love for this guy today. (Believe me, I am already embarrassed enough...) He wanted to send me the email that showed all the changes, but I flat out refused. I told him that I wouldn't read it, because I was in denial. I would remain in denial until I couldn't do anything about the changes.
He sent the email. I didn't open it. Our conversation changed and we continued talking about work...it wasn't until about 10 minutes later, right before we were hanging up, that I clicked on the email. Mother Fucker said APRIL FOOLS.
I was fooled, alright.
I couldn't believe that I HAD BEEN GOTTEN!
I have a new found respect for this man. I may offer to have his children.

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MadWoman said...

Hats off to him for getting you so well. It takes some real skill to pull a prank on someone who is usually the pranker. Good for you for not going to him and ramming his head up his ass. Haha.

Found you through DGM...Glad I did :)