Friday, November 10, 2006

work fun I walked in to work...I saw 2 very funny SHOE mistakes. Really, you would think 2 shoe mistakes would take longer to happen than the 7 minutes it takes me to get from my car to my desk...but alas...they did!
The first MISTAKE I saw was a girl...who is often in violation of the shoe code of conduct...but she was rockin a pair of cantalope colored flats. Yes. I said cantalope. It was bizarre to the point of disturbing. I don't didn't match what she was wearing. I don' think they COULD have matched what she was wearing...So...after that violation...I ran into POCAHONTIS. Mother fuck, I thought that the Indian boots were extinct. But, turns out, there is one more pair hiding out...Jeans, Indian boots, and a denim shirt. Nice look. Had she completed the outfit with a traditional head-dress, I might have been less surprised.

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