Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A fool and her money...

I bought THIS! In PURPLE! And am just waiting for it to change my life. I should not be allowed in ULTA for any amount of time at all...I spent more in my lunch hour...than I probably make in a day...but think how exciting it will be to have straight, flat, shiny hair!! I can't wait!
2 gay men sold it to me...they were amazing. They sold me the chi, and all the chi juice to go along with it. They demonstrated it on me...and I MUST say...FABU!! I sooo want to plug it in at my desk, but fear something might catch fire. I would hate to be the reason we had to evacuate the building. I will wait until I get home. I will check in with the results tomorrow!

1 comment:

M said...

How about we just trade? I need some body or something for mine......you want straight. I got some grey to add "character" too! ROFL