Sunday, August 05, 2007

Overheard from the backseat.

So...yesterday...after spending 5 fucking hours at the football field, where the temperature was hovering in the 100's, instead of going swimming...I thought it would be a good idea to load the kids and the dog in the car...and go get ice cream. Yum. There is a place near here that had ice cream for you know...good fun for everyone?! Why I don't learn from these mistakes, I'll never know.
Our trip to get ice cream involves a stop at McDonalds because these kids have not really eaten much today. We are in the drive thru line...and Logan yells..."MOM! Pull over! Mickey (dog) has to go to the bathroom!!" Wondering when the dog started talking, I asked how Logan knew which he responded "There is a red thing coming out of his weiner." internal"Uhm, no, baby, I don't think the red thing coming out of his weiner means he has to pee." The much older, wiser son, starts making VOMIT noises. Me" What's wrong, Patch?" Older "You. Can't. Say. That." Me"Say what? Weiner?" Him (more vomit noises) "YES!" Logan"What does the red thing coming out of his weiner MEAN?" Patch (more vomit noises) Me"Ask your dad."
I LOVE that I have 2 boys. I cannot WAIT until puberty comes a knockin!

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M said...

LMAOOOOOO Sounds like something my boys would vomit over. I swear they cause more grey hair in a day than any other soul on this planet.