Monday, October 08, 2007

10 years...

Wow! Time sure flies when you have fun...

Here is to you, P-Diddy...On your 10th birthday...I love you...for the boy you are...and the man that you will become.

I remember so much about those early days with you...I remember you and daddy watching Penn State on tv 3 days after you were born. I think you slept. I remember not long after you were born, John Denver died. We sat on the livingroom floor and sang some of his songs...your dad and I...When I was very pregnant with you, Princess Diana died. I cried like she had been my best friend. So sad. I remember the crisp autumn weather...sitting on the porch...swinging. Wondering if either one of us was ever going to make it through the day without crying. I think it was much later that we were able to do that!!

I remember your first day of preschool. So cute...I just wanted to hold you and never let go. Your teacher, Miss Wendy, thought I was off my rocker...I cried at orientation. Then came your brother. I know you remember the day he was born as the day Aunt Heather forgot the ketchup! Your memory is incredible. The day Logan was born is the day you aged so quickly. You went from being my tiny little baby being the big brother. fast the time has gone.

Yesterday, you were in kindergarten. Today...4th grade. You are an athlete. A caring young man...a son, a brother, a grandson...a friend...I love you baby.

I love you!

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Melissa said...

How dare you make me tear up! So sweet-a side of you I hadn't seen yet! Happy birthday mini-Jodi!