Sunday, April 25, 2010

but baby think of me once in awhile! I am not actually on the air at WKRP, but I am in Cincinnati! I am, for the most part, parked in the lobby of a huge hotel filled with kids far smarter than I ever could be. I am at the Academic Games tournament with the boys. Big competes. Little and I are just riding the coat tails!
I am sure this will sound so typical...but wow! Am I proud of my boy!? He is the only kid from his school to attend. He knew no one when we got here. None of us knew what to expect. And yet, we find ourselves on the edge of our seats. He is currently in 2nd place out of like 300 kids. He could win a medal. He could bring home quite an honor for a school that gets a bad wrap from out district. There really isn't any pressure to do well. He is already the first kid in 13 years to attend from our district. So, already he is a winner. He has made friends and has studied with strangers.

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