Tuesday, September 11, 2007

santa clause in Sept.

So. This is how the little one wanted to go to school this morning...(Shoot me, but I have just learned how to post pictures...and am loving it) Yes. Those are his brothers socks. Yes. That is a linen top from this past Easter that he wore under protest and only after some serious threats. He is a HUGE Rangers fan (hahaha...not really...I know you love that Ang...) Also...do you think I should take down the Christmas crafts? Or just leave them up now...it is Sept.


Melissa said...

I say leave em up!

~Tori said...

other than the super long socks... i think he looks great!!!

keep the pic's coming!

miss you!!!

Belinda said...

Um, hello...my 2006 Christmas tree finally came down in JULY of this year. I have never told anyone that. It was just another reason I could not allow people into my house.