Monday, August 11, 2008

Tell me, tell me, tell me the answer...

50 Bonus points if you can tell me the song that line comes from...without GOOGLE! homework for the therapist is to figure out what is best for ME.
Christ on a cracker...why not just ask me to solve the worlds energy problems...or finish the NYTimes crossword puzzle or something a tad bit easier.
You dilemma is I file for divorce and be able to get on with my life in a normal manner? or do I continue to ride the separation bus until it comes to a crashing end?
Sit and ponder for a minute, then let me know. I am guessing an hour has passed and you are no closer to an answer than I am. I wouldn't mind if you would just tell me what to do...and then, incidentally, if what I should do includes getting a divorce, then please also pass the bar exam quick, so you can do the divorce for free...mkay?

Getting a divorce will break me, financially. I am convinced of this.
Staying married because of that will break me emotionally. I am convinced of this, too.

The only difference that I can see is that if I go for broke financially, creditors and collectors will come a calling.
If I go for broke emotionally, I don't think anyone will notice the difference.

I need someone to tell me what to do...yet I don't want anyone to.
I have always believed that as long as I made decisions based only on what I matter how it ended, I could know that I was the only one to blame. Currently, I am willing to suspend that logic in exchange for some solid advice.

This is where I solicit you!

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