Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Boot Etiquette, too little, too late.

Yes...I suppose this is too little, too late. I mean, if I am mentioning it...I am seeing it...and if I am seeing it, you know full well I am commenting on it.
Why OH why does the boot wearing public feel as though they can just make up rules? Seriously? Do you drive on the wrong side of the road? No. Why wear ankle boots with your mini skirt? Jesus.
So. here we go...some observations...take heed, it ain't purty.
(this list will be a work in progress...I am afraid.)

  • Never. Never. Do I want to see that much leg. Seriously. If your boot hits you mid calf, your skirt damn well better too. The pencil skirt is the only exception to this rule.
  • Red/Pink tights with a black mini skirt and black calf boots? Not a look for anyone other than MAYBE an Olsen. MAYBE.
  • Cowboy boots? With a brown corduroy mini skirt and a brown sweater? Hey Britney, this isn't the farm...put those things AWAY. Cowboy boots...that is a good one.
  • And you...in the boots over there...are those SPURS? (closer observation concluded that they were NOT spurs, just a chain going behind the ankle. Take those off and throw them away. Thank you.
  • If it is indeed time to rock the boot/sweater combo, you can bet your sweet ass it is cold enough to WEAR stockings. WTF are you thinking? Oh. I know...you were distracted by how BADASS your tattoo looked coming out of the right one? Yeah. Badass. Fo-shiz. Seriously, put some tights on and a longer skirt.
  • I cannot get on board with the riding boots/skirt thing. I know that there are some skirts that look nice with a pair of riding boots, however, the one I saw today was not one of those.

I expect that this will continue to grow...seeing as this is only a day and a half worth of observations. Hang on...it will get better!

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Melissa said...

LMAO! I know nothing about boot etiquette, so I wear my hooker boots with my jeans. LOL No leg showing at all!