Saturday, December 08, 2007

a combo...yesterday...and today

Yesterday was our department Christmas (Holiday) started at 5. We left work at get a jump start on the party part. It was fun. Incidentally, we went to a nearby bar for happy hour...and laughed and giggled and laughed some more...then it was off to the party. It was at the Doubletree hotel. Nice place. The food was a little odd, though. There was a choice of fish, turkey, or pork, all done in a similar cream sauce. There was also squash soup. This caused a bit of arguing. Is squash soup more of a "fall type soup" or is it year round? Anywhooo...the party was bordering on lame, but the people were fun to watch. Apparently, nothing says "Holiday party" quite like a sweater and no pants. Ok. Yes. The sweater kept your lady parts covered. But really, it was touch and go. wasn't just one, no was 3. There were 3 girls running around without pants on. One had to wonder, where was management? Did these 3 girls, all under the age of 24, call each other and confirm that none of them would be wearing pants? How did that conversation go? Was a pair of pants packed in a bag, left in the car, just in case someone else, God forbid, WORE pants? Anyway...back to the party.
We could register for "door prizes" and I am always one to register for the prizes that look like they have the least amount of tickets in for them. This has often backfired on me...but is free, right? Well...last night? I won a shop vac. Yes. I will let that settle on you for a moment, A SHOP. VAC. Yep. My biggest complaint about that? How was I going to get it to my car? (I have already fired that bitch up today...hohoho!)
After the party broke up, some of us went to another near by bar...and I have a confession. I went. And I hung out with a friend that I haven't hung out with in a long time. We had just fallen out of touch. Last night, we spent the time laughing and getting caught up...and while it isn't exactly the same, I am glad that we are getting on the right track. I missed her. So. There was a lot a lot of laughing. A LOT! I did get to see our friend Dianne's did some other man at the bar. She had them done years ago and they look amazing. Apparently, the man thought so too, and bought us all shots. Boobs for shots? Not a bad deal. It is here that I need to say that the entire night, I had one shot, a washington apple, which frankly, I could have drank all night. And 2 vanilla vodka/diet pepsi combos. So. I was not loaded. We move along to the next bar, where my friend Big Joe is turning 46. Holy shit, btw. He looks more like 56. I didn't tell him that, though...
I hate to sensor the rest of this, but right now I am still coming to terms with it. Maybe I'll expand on that later...

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