Thursday, December 13, 2007

can you kill your kids and NOT get coal for Christmas?

Completely a rhetorical question...put the phone down, no one needs to call CYS!

I have had a headache for about 2 days. It is 10pm. The boys are no closer to bed than they were 4 hours ago. Things are banging. I don't know if ANYONE has clean clothes to wear. And guess what? I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. Hahahaha.
Yep. Here I sit...typing random thoughts out into the internet, while my kids and the dog play freeze tag in the upstairs hall. Uhm. We have hardwood floors and that hurts my head. And. Really? Is there still another WEEK before Christmas? Fuck it. I am celebrating this weekend...then taking a week long vacation!
Want to hear my latest thought. I want to go somewhere that it has just snowed...about a foot of fresh, fluffy snow. There is a fire in the fire place, tea in a mug on the table, a blanket and a good book. I am there, of course...because it is my thought. Sometimes, I am alone. Sometimes my friends are there. Sometimes there is a man there, who loves me the way I love him. Most of the time, my head just hurts!
If this doesn't work out...I can totally get on board with the beach. Either way, I don't care!


Melissa said...

Awesome! Come here! It's snowing at this very second, with a snow advisory in effect until 11pm! I don't have a fireplace, but I think I could rustle up a blanket and good book. I might even wire my kid's jaws shut-JUST FOR YOU! LOLOL

~Tori said...

i asked if we could celebrate early too... no luck!