Thursday, December 20, 2007

conversations with a 10 year old

Last night, our ride home from the mall was hilarious.

The radio was playing some current hip hop/pop song...and we were singing is where the hilarity ensued.

Song: Shorty (*I am certain I am not spelling this right...but whatev.) got Low Low Low Low Low Low (and a bunch more Lows)

Me: Who IS this SHORTY that everyone is singing about?

Big: I think it is the new slang for 'home skillet' or girlfriend.

Me: Home skillet?

Big: Mom. You know..."my home skillet"

Me: (pretending I have no idea) No baby, I don't know your HOME skillet.

Big: You need to get hip, fo shiz. (I am pretty sure fo shiz is no longer cool, but I don't want to split hairs with him...)

Me: Baby...if you keep talking like that, you will find yourself in Catholic school faster than you can say 'fo shizzle my nizzle'

Big: * are not CATHOLIC.

Me: We'll we're NOT ghetto, either.

Big: We're more ghetto than we are Catholic.

He has a point.

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