Sunday, March 23, 2008

discovery channel is good food

The following took place moments ago.

Big: "MOM!"
Me: "what?"
Big: "That make up that you smear all over your face? it is made of PIG FAT."
me: "uhm...what? Oh...right...the discovery channel...k thanks for sharing."
Big: "Yeah. GROSS. And? Do you know what HAM is made from?"
Me: "pig fat?"
Big: "No MOM. PIG. PIG."
Me: "right...I have heard that before...must be true."
Big: "Do you know what part?"
Me: "The rooter? or the tooter?"
Big: (coming close enough to whisper...)"THE BUTT"
Me: "Good to know. Thanks."

I bet he will never eat HAM again.

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