Friday, March 14, 2008

You say it's your birthday....

Today, Little turns 7. I can hardly believe that you are 7. I remember very vividly the day we found out I was pregnant. We had tried for some time, to have a second baby...and we didn't seem to be getting we stopped trying...situations changed and we started to try again...and just like that, he was on the way!
Pregnancy #2 was not as easy as #1. I spotted early...was basically sent home to rest and see what happened...I cried a lot. I didn't want to have a miscarriage. I wanted to have a baby...sonogram after sonogram confirmed that you were growing. Long about 13 or 14 weeks, when we should have been able to hear your heart beating, we didn't. I had to go home and wait until the next morning to have another sonogram to make sure you were still alive. Probably the longest 12 hours of my life. As soon as the doppler hit my belly, your heartbeat was there! Tears of joy! You gave me such trouble when you were in my belly...and you continue in that spirit!
I had a few "false alarms" before I went into actually labor with you. One false alarm involved a little tinkle and an embarrassing conversation with the gynecologist. (Who hasn't accidentally peed themselves and then gone straight to the gyno because you are IN LABOR!) I didn't think I would ever have you after that episode. I even threatened to NOT LEAVE the doctors office without the baby. (I have since switched doctors...I may have had a "label" at that one...)
The day my water DID break...I thought it was just another "tinkle" incident. Who knows what goes on...the only thing I knew was that I hadn't had a shower and couldn't possibly go to the hospital until I had taken care of that. When I finally got to the doctor and was kind of scolded for taking so long, we were sent to the hospital! You were born about 4 hours later!
Every single day has been something new with you. You have a silly, unique personality. You had the curliest, blond hair...the bluest eyes...the sweetest smile...the hair isn't curly...or very blond anymore, but the eyes and the smile...they remain the same.
Do you remember your "jumping off the couch" incident? The one that resulted in my "mother of the year" trophy? You broke your foot...but you kept right on I didn't take you to the hospital. How was I to know?
How about the time you tried to roller skate down the sliding board and got MAD at me for making you take them off?
Or when you and your brother locked the cat in the bathroom and I had to take the door knob off so that we could pee?
Or how your favorite word was "jackass" for a long time. (maybe it only SEEMED like a long time to me!)
Or how last summer, when we were at the hotel for Chris and Jen's wedding, and the fire alarm went off, the first thing out of every ones mouth was "where is Little?" You potentially COULD have done it, but you didn't!!
I love you, baby! I love you for the sweet, adorable little boy that you are...and the young man that you are becoming. I love the fact that I know the craziness and fun is only just beginning. I love how this morning, when I was hugging you and squeezing you and commenting on how old you were getting, you looked at me and said "hello? you're 37. THAT IS OLD."
Tomorrow, we are having your 'cosmic bowling' party...and I am quite certain that I will be boozing by 8pm tomorrow night, but I hope that this is the best birthday, ever...and that next year is even better!
I love you, baby!! Happy birthdizzle!


Melissa said...

Awww! Happy birthday little one!

~Tori said...

damn... they grow up so quickly... ugh!