Monday, February 11, 2008


Hi. It's cold here.
That is all.

Last night the weather folk were talking about how cold it was going to be this morning and how a lot of schools were calling in 2 hour delays already. This was at like 6pm. So. Big takes it upon himself to sit at the computer, with the news website pulled up, hitting refresh every 10 seconds, to see if his school has a 2 hour delay. This continued until bedtime. Our district did not call in a 2 hour delay before 9pm. Yes. 3 hours he spent sitting in front of the computer, hitting refresh, yelling out the new number of schools that HAD called in a 2 hour delay. At first it was annoying. Then it became comical. The number started at like 49 and was well over 300 when he went to bed. He was sure they were playing a joke on him. All the OTHER schools in our area had 2 hour delays, what was up with ours? I couldn't stop laughing...under my breath...
They did have a 2 hour delay. It was called in around 11!
And...damn is it cold.

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Melissa said...

So you're freezing to death while we've finally reached the 40s. LOL I hope you guys are bundling up!