Sunday, February 24, 2008

The freakin weeken

Sunday morning...and I am realizing that I am a freakshow. Or at the very least, I have issues. I have a weekend coffee cup. It is from Starbucks. Yellow, red, and orange...with flowers. It is the perfect size. I get really crabby if it isn't clean. And by crabby, I mean that I stomp around and wash it BY HAND. Yes. crazy. I also like cinnamon rolls. Hot and fresh from the oven. Both days. with my coffee. in my cup. And you know I load up the cinnamon roll that I plan to eat with extra icing. Yeah. A perk of being the mom!
I justify my love for the cinnamon roll by telling myself that a portion of the money I spend on these, goes to my sons school. (we collect box tops) Logically, I could just kick them 20 cents/weekend and call it a day. My ass would probably be thankful. But I love the rolls.
And speaking of yummy, delicious things that I love...I was at the eye doctor yesterday. MMM...How wrong is it that I love him and sometimes think of sticking things into my eye, just to go and see him. Can you imagine the convo? him: "So, how did this happen?" me: "I don't know! The fork just went into my eye." him "This is the third time this week you have had a fork in your eye, maybe you should use a spoon?" Ok. So a fork in the eye might not answer my prayers. But he is delicious! Tall. Smells good. He actually takes his life into his own hands by wearing cologne and asking me to sit close to him and stare at his ear. How about we just make out instead? It is just a good thing he isn't my gynecologist.

Speaking of that...I also saw her this week. This will confirm your suspicions that I am whack...I have my annual eye exam and annual gyno appt. all set up for the same month that my car needs inspected. I never forget. Anyway...the gyno is new. She is a she. I like her. She didn't buy me drinks before she saw my girly parts, but neither did a lot of boys I went to college with, so I can't really complain. She did take a mean sample of my cervix. It was as though she had something against it. I guess that is good...
I am back in the swing of things. Saw the couples therapist last week, see my shrink this Friday, I will have seen 6 doctors in 2 weeks. And I am not even in full on hypochondriac mode. Love me. Love my quirks.


Melissa said...

LMAO mine are all set up that way too! And! It's always the birth month of the last kid I had. (yes, I realize there's too many for you non-breeding folk)So come July, everyone in the western part of the US has inpected my innards too many times. Good stuff. LOL

~Tori said...

dude... I've had 4 dr's call me this week and I've avoided their calls... maybe you need to come rub my budah belly...

although I did find my lost IUD strings... so I'm no longer worried about that... (more vodka please!!!)

Belinda said...

Um, I think the scheduling everything at once is BRILLIANT, and plan to implement that plan as soon as possible.

PAP smears always hurt me. My favorite thing was when some male gyn would say, "Oh, that doesn't hurt," right before I mule-kicked him in the face. SO, that's one thing I do not miss about no longer having a cervix--having it mauled during PAP smears.

(I didn't get your email address attached to your comment for some reason, but mine is ninjapoodlesATgmailDOTcom.)