Tuesday, February 12, 2008

just for today...

I love my children!
Here is what I heard at 8:30 this morning...

Little: Mom! MOM! It's 8:30...we're late for school! Mom! MOOOOOM!
Me: Baby, look out the window...

So...they are both home on this, my last day of sick leave/disability. At first I was a little mad, I mean, this is my last day off. I have to go back to work tomorrow...but then I realized...I kinda like spending time with them...I mean...don't tell them that, but I do. We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast...they watched cartoons...I nodded off on the couch. Around 10:30, there were requests for going outside. Around 11, they were ready and dressed to go...their outfits were a bit mismatched...but they seemed ok with it. As I closed the door behind them, I yelled "I'm locking the door. You're out for an hour!!" They were out for 2! I took pictures of their pink cheeks and cute faces! Even the terror boy down the block looked cute (til he opened his mouth, of course...) I'll post them later!

I made Stuffed Pepper soup for dinner...hot chocolate with marshmallows and pizza rolls for lunch...funny how I am coming to like being home, just as I am heading back to work.

Another funny? The boys have discovered "Ernest" as in "Ernest goes to camp" or "Ernest joins the Army" or some shit like that. I can remember when Ernest came out...I didn't like him then...and apparently, absence does not make the heart grow fonder, because I don't like him now, either. The boys? Think he is the funniest thing ever! They hoot and giggle! It is cute...even if Ernie is annoying!

Big: to little "You smell like rotten pierogies."
Little: "Yeah? well if someone was going to eat you, they would die from your stench."
Big: "Rotten pierogies"
Little: "Sweaty Betty."

They are wrestling now...and I could sit here all day and listen to them...and laugh and quote and have a blast.
This is a good way to spend my last day off!

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Melissa said...

I had an epiphany much like yours about a year ago. I love listening to my kids just be kids. It seems we're always trying to form them that sometimes, we don't just enjoy who they are already. I love it!