Friday, February 29, 2008

this close to a tantrum

Today started out bad...and just continued right down that path...I woke up later than I normally do...and really? I am already late when the alarm clock goes is "food day" at work. Why can't we ever have "jammy" day? or "go fuck yourself" day? Instead...we spend a whole week discussing the food day...who will bring what? how much should we bring? Where will we put it? and on and on until I want to kick the next person who sends an email that even remotely talks about food. Or days.

So. I was already in a rotten mood about food day...but since I was able to BUY my offering for food day...which allowed me to lounge on the couch and catch Survivor...I should have felt blessed.
I get to work...and the started to snow on my way...which, if you are not familiar with snow, often turns to water when it lands on your head. Your head, where your hair resides. My hair is naturally curly. Part of the reason I am so late, is because I straighten it. Once the snow hit it...the top layer frizzed. Beautiful! I am late. Frizzy haired. AND going to have to deal with food day. It couldn't get any you think! But. I left the plates and forks in the car! I start the 1/2 mile trek back to get them...only to realize that they weren't in the car! OMG. Someone broke into my car and stole the PLATES! AND FORKS! Typing that, I realize how insane that sounds. Truth be told, I realized seconds after I thought it, how silly it was. Yeah, sure, someone broke into my SATURN and stole the plates and forks that I bought at the dollar store, Yo.
Ok. More hair friz. Feet cold. Co-workers annoying. GOOD TIMES!
I just felt like I was seconds away from screaming mean things that couldn't be quickly forgiven OR forgotten. So, I hid in my cube.

The good part? I happened to find a Clark's CD that I had forgotten about. Yeah. So. That is what I am doing now!

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Melissa said...

Oh honey, let's be bitchy together. I could certainly use a partner for all my crabbiness.