Sunday, February 17, 2008

karma...she isn't my friend today!

Hello, Karma? It's me...chicken...yeah, yeah, right...I know...but really? A sore throat, too? Is it not enough that I am cultivating a second bellybutton? Or that you could keep small change in said second bellybutton? But now? I have a sore throat. Thanks. I am off to drown myself in tea and vicks....because I am 80.

Both Big and I have this cold. I can only take Tylenol...cold/sinus/whatever...and Big can take whatever the fuck I give him...and he does...usually, though, it is with much complaining and face making and often he spills more of it than he drinks which results in some yelling. (I do the yelling, not him...)
I finished the last of the Tylenol last night...and today asked C to go to the store for some more and also some cough drops. Seems relatively simple, right? Tylenol cold...nothing special...cough drops...also, nothing special.
He comes back with Superduper deluxe Tylenol with rapid release. And Cold EEZE. I guess in hindsight, being what it is and all, I should have know he would fuck this up. <3 TLA. So...I have to get dressed and return everything that he bought. I can't take rapid release....and Cold EEZE scares me. There are a lot of warnings on it...and frankly, it isn't a cough drop. This is the man, who went sent to the drug store 2 days after our baby was born, with a detailed list that included Nipple cream, Preperation H, and pads...came home with a candy bar, some vaseline, and a box of tampons. Yes. He is very handy to have around. Also, there was a Sports know, to prove he is a man...lest someone think that the tampons were actually for him.?
I am probably just know...I am not usually this bitchy...
HAHAHAHA...that makes my side hurt from laughing!!

Oh...and if you know why my spell checker isn't working and want to fix it, I would appreciate that...otherwise, I have to stick to words I am certain of how to spell, and frankly, that limits me!

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