Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hey Mickey! have never been a dog lover. I mean, growing up, I HAD a dog for about 3 seconds. That story goes a little something like this:

We get Abby. A cocker spaniel cutie. LOVE HER! Later that month, my mother gets sick with Bell's Palsy. It is 1978 and it seems like she is in the hospital for much of that Summer. My brother and I are left with my grandparents because my mom is in Pittsburgh (an hour and a half by car at that time.) She finally comes home and my dad plans this family vacation for all of us. All of us, except Abby. Abby goes to the kennel. It is about 45 minutes from our house. We go on vacation. We come brother, my dad, and I load up the station wagon to go get Abby! So excited! Abby! Yay! We get to the kennel...Abby isn't there. She apparently died while we were gone. Hindsight has me laughing...isn't that conveinient? She "died" right...just like they go live at a "farm!" Anyway...the 45 minutes home from that kennel was the longest 45 minutes of my dad's life! My brother and I cried and cried for days!

Ok....back on not being a dog person...

Tonight...Mickey was acting strange...and suddenly seemed to have a seizure. I freaked out. I started screaming! I stuck my fingers in his mouth (cause thats what you do, right?) We get me settled down. I called the vet and they would see him as an emergency...$75 plus any tests or anything...So, I haul ass in the Saturn up the hill to the vet...Probing and poking...Mickey just kinda sits there...$175 lighter...and we don't know why he had the seizure.

I don't regret taking him to the vet and spending that money. Not one little bit. I used to think that you could love your new dog just as much as you loved your old dog...and that someone who pays thousands of dollars for their pet was nuts. Now? I might be nuts myself!! I also just might be a dog lover....

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