Monday, January 07, 2008

the breakup

So. Remember how I talked about my boyfriend, Gym? And how nice he was about wanting me back? And how we were getting back together...and he promised me that it would be ok? Well. That lying bastard! I went to his place today after work. I was looking so cute. I was having the best hair day, EVAH. My fancy Kate Spade bag and my pearls. Lord was I adorable. So...I get to his place and his friend John was there. John is real nice. He is the one who really wanted Gym and I to get back together. He practically facilitated the whole thing! So. Gym and I start...we get a little warm up going. It was like we hadn't been apart. God how I missed him. Then...things started to heat up. He was making my legs shake. Yes, Gym, I missed you...but go easy on a girl...I was sweating. (It was at this point, I noticed in the mirror that I was still wearing my pearls.) This getting back together was harder than I thought.
When it was over, and we were on the floor, for the cool down, I realized that I didn't miss Gym all that much after all.
On the way out of his place, I had to stop at the store. I hate the grocery store by his place...but I had to go there. I nearly cried with every step. I must have looked pretty pathetic in line, because the little old man in front of me moved his order up, so I could put mine down. I think he heard me whimpering in the produce aisle.
God, Gym. Tomorrow I will be using the handicap stall in the bathroom because of you. I sometimes wish you would hold me when it is over.

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alison said...

Men! I think he's two-timing you with my sister. She got back from his place after not seeing him since late spring and her legs were all shaky.

Great post. Very funny.