Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nothing a little lipstick can't fix

LORD! I am on the verge of crazy! I had not left the house since the 16th...aside from that stint at work...and then the ride home from the hospital on the you can imagine...CRAZY! I am up to here with daytime tv, except for Ellen...LOVE ELLEN...she is some funny shit...otherwise...daytime tv sucks! In case you didn't know...Patch and Kayla are back on Days of Our Lives. I probably haven't watched DOOL since sophomore year in college? However, the characters? All the same.
Anyway...yesterday, when Merv Griffin's Crossword show came on, I thought that was going to be it for me...and frankly, if I could have, I would have put on my shoes and headed for the bridge.

Today...I SWORE was going to be different! I got up this morning...took a shower, used my best hair gunk...I was going to leave the house, belly pain be damned! And, I was going to look good doing it! I mean, if I passed out, at least I would look good, right? I even put on jeans...which I am happy/sad to report are now too big. I have faith that I will be able to grow back into them!! This colon thing can't last too long, right?

The plan was to go to the Hallmark store for webkinz (both Big and Little got good report cards...) and then the grocery store, and then Burger King. The revised plan went to the Hallmark store and Wendy's...then home to the couch! But I got out! Of the HOUSE! YAY! Let's see what tomorrow brings!

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