Saturday, January 26, 2008

Raindrops on roses...

Tori...and I know, I have to fix the link...shut up, I had my colon removed for cryin out loud...had a post about her favorite things...and I LOVE all things Tori...(SuperSunshine on a stick...if you don't know her!) So...I thought I would take a minute to do some of my favorite things...

In no particular order...with no particular punctuation (which annoys Tori...but SmoochKiss anyway!):

*Snuggles...unexpected snuggles from the Little one...accompanied by confessions of his love and the fear that he had while I was in the hospital. He has been extra "squishy" these days. I'll take a sore belly any day, if it comes with extra "squishy."
*DKNY jeans...I can't tell you why...but my ass looks INCREDIBLE in those bad boys! And? $30 at Macy's. Well. $30 the last time I was AT Macy's, which has been a while...more DKNY love, Red my favorite perfume!
*Champion yoga pants from Target. Simply the most comfortable pair of pants ever. I have them in gray only, because if I bought them in black, I know for a fact I would try to pass them off as work appropriate! If you don't own them, buy them!
*Waking up in the middle of the night...KNOWING that it has snowed, before you throw back the curtain to confirm. There is something so still about a fresh snow...figure out how to bottle it and there wouldn't be nearly as much stress.
*Friends that you haven't talked to in months...who hear about your recent adventure and call you. And send flowers. And make you laugh so hard that you have to threaten to hang up because your belly hurts. Everyone should have a friend like that. A friend whose couch you could lay on and laugh with. A friend who knows all about your past...and shares most of it with you!
*Friends that you don't talk to very often, but who text you when they hear of your recent adventure. A random text from a friend can be more healing than anything else. A hug from your phone, if you will!
*Dogs who snore louder than you. I am listening to the Gizz snoring right now...and he was at my inlaws the last week and a half, so to have him here, snoring away...makes me happy!
*Coffee. Skinny Vanilla Latte's make things better.
*My Grandmother. I talked to her today and her 87year old ass told me that if I don't get better by the time she gets home she is going to get me. I am a little bit afraid! She is in Fla with my favorite Aunt and Uncle...and seems to be having a blast! There was a smile in her voice as she told me about what she has been doing the last 2 weeks. I pray that when I am 87, I will be living my life that same exact way. She told me that she prays for me every day (good thing, eh?) and I am pretty sure God is a little bit afraid of her, too! She has given me advice over the years. Much has gone in one ear and out the other...but a few things have stuck thing she told me was that "living well is the best revenge..." Amen Gram! Amen!
*My Kate Spade handbag. It was the best birthday present I could ever have given myself!!
*My friend Cheryl, who knows when to hold em...knows when to fold em...I love to be ghetto with her...If I have to be ghetto...I'll be glad to do it with her!
*My 800 thread count sheets. Shut up. They were way on sale. They are the single most comfortable thing EVER! The thread count makes the difference.
*The movie "That Touch of Mink" with Doris Day. Really...any Doris Day movie is alright with me...I don't think of myself so much as Doris, but I love her movies! And...Carey Grant...momma mia! Fire up the time machine...I want to go back to when men were just like him...mmmmm...
*Another favorite movie...The Shawshank Redemption. Sheer determination. Nothing more.
*All things Benefit...I used to be much more of a "bene-babe" but at $3something a gallon for gas, we have to make choices!
*My neighbors...the sweetest family! 3 girls and a boy under the age of 5 and she still has my son in to play. She came over last night to check my situation...and was just the absolute sweetest woman I know!

That should be all for now...I am sure there are more, but I need to lie down!!


Melissa said...

Yeah! Get your ass in gear! I haven't even been blogrolled yet. Pfft.

~Tori said...

um.... ya... first paycheck... $107 went to the benefit counter... ugh...

skinny anyflavor lattes... mmmmmmm....

hugs via text... perfect explanation!!!!

so many more I agree with.... i love you so much!!!! xoxox