Monday, January 14, 2008

True Dat

I have just realized something about I was bitching to a friend about how my day started out so suckily...and how it continues to go steadily down hill...yes. You see. I woke up a little late this biggie...but that puts everything else behind...which sometimes puts my morning trip to Starbucks in jeopardy...and we can't have that! So...I get to big deal...I am leaving...and this woman comes flying around the corner in her Audi. Hello? PEDESTRIAN...But she doesn't seem fazed by the fact that I am attempting to cross. Bitch. So...I get in my car...and am leaving...and isn't that bitch attempting to CROSS? Ah Karma! Sometimes you are so quick. And basically, I shifted into 2nd...gave her a look that said "Just try it bitch..." and rolled right on by. Yes. I AM 8. I know. Work brings a 9am meeting that I am so unprepared for...with my boss...then, after realizing that I was hungry...I went to mooch pretzels from JB...and my friend said "OOH...the slit in your skirt is ripped." Yeah! I was going for TRAMP today, so clearly, I was successful! Then...upon further inspection, I realized that I put on OLD stockings...ones with a run in the upper thigh...that you can see EVERY TIME I TAKE A STEP. So...CHEAP AND TRAMPY? Your table is ready.
So...what I realized is...that I think if I had a job and the only requirement for this job was to soak in the sun ALL DAY LONG. I would find something to bitch about. Yep. Cause that is how I roll.

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~Tori said...

your last paragraph (which... surprise surprise, she ACTUALLY broke a post up into paragraphs!!!)... I can totally relate to!

what is it about life that we can never be satisfied... what's the number to your therapist again???

love you!!!