Friday, January 04, 2008

Spam email and the penis.

Oh boy. So. lately, I have been cleaning out my email. Especially at work...because frankly, it gets clogged way too easily. Basically, cleaning the email goes like the email more than a month old? Delete. Well...the good folks at gmail make it quite easy for one to never clean out their email/gmail. And. they also have a lovely spam filter. Much crap gets filed into the spam folder. I never look in there. Because it is spam. Not the meat.
Well. I looked in there.
Apparently, the word on the street is that I have a very small penis. And that I am worried about this small penis. And that I want some help with my very small penis. Every single email in that spam folder was regarding my small penis. It seems that there are some heavy duty products out there for those with a small penis. (5 small penis mentions thus far.) I don't know about you, but I don't think that I would be putting too much stock in the fact that all it takes for a bigger penis is a few clicks of the mouse. (there is a joke there...somewhere...I just can't find it.) I think my favorite subject line is the one that promises "Your huge boner will impress her in the new year." Because everyone knows that a chick with a huge boner is impressive, right? I get that these ads are geared more toward those with the penis, and not so much me...but I am fearful for the men out there looking to the internet for help with their small penis problem.
How does ones name get on the small penis email distribution list? More importantly, how does it get removed? Does someone who may be in possession of a smaller-ish penis recognize this? Does he know it is small...or is that the only one he has ever seen...thus having nothing to compare it to? I mean, I don't go checking out other woman's vajajays...for reference. Is one offended by the email?
Is the small penis market flooded with opportunity? or is it a small market? hehehe. Regardless. If you are looking for information, for a friend, of course, I have all kinda email about the small penis...and may your huge boner impress her in the new year...(that should be on a greeting card.)

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Melissa said...

ROFL if you get your penis problem fixed, you could always go into the fetish porn industry :))