Sunday, January 06, 2008

fun with republicans

My husband is very Republican. Cried when Reagan died. Loves the first Bush. You know...that kind. Know in advance, that I am not looking for anyone to tell me their political views, because frankly, I don't care. I am merely telling you this story for amusement....if it gets you in a tizzy, DO NOT ask about the time I sold my vote for $600. It is a good one...but you know. have Republican husband watching Fox News. I swear he sees those Fox women naked when he watches, because that HAS to be the only reason he watches so much! He yells out to me..."So. Who do you like in the election?" After pretending a few times that I was unaware there was an election at hand (yeah. I am SOO FUNNY) I walk into the living room. I look at him and say "I really like Hilary. I like what she stands for, I think a woman SHOULD be president. Plus. Her husband is hot." OOOH! If you could have seen his face! I know he didn't believe me...but I do think that he had some doubts! Mentioning the "C" word in our house (Clinton...please...) is never a good thing. But. Seriously...He had to ask me again, if I was kidding!! HEE HEE. I love to mess with the Republicans. And he is such an easy target.
My real answer completely depends on who gets the actual nod from each party. I really thought that I liked Fred Thompson...admittedly, I think he is awesome on tv...I can't get on board with the Huckabee express. So, we'll see. Options seem limited...and it sucks to have to vote for the lesser of the two evils.

I think I will go and remind my husband that I voted for Clinton, TWICE! That always gets his blood pressure up!! HEE HEE.


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you.... married.... a republican?

that's it... we can't be friends anymore...

(just kidding, but they are awfully fun to get riled up!)