Monday, November 19, 2007

current goings ons...

It is just the 3 of us tonight...C is working a 12 hour shift for some reason I don't understand...Natch, we went out to eat. I can't cook. I can HEAT things...but didn't feel like it tonight. So, we went to the local pizza place. Pizzaria if you will. We wouldn't, but you can.
The boys, they were like little angels. Until Little asked me if they had tv when I was a kid. I looked at him blankly. I can actually remember a similar convo that I had with my mother...and one when I was older about black and white photos. I couldn't get my head around them. Was the world black and white? When did color come about? This led into other, very similar if I took my dog to Mexico, would it have to bark in Spanish to be understood? Would they understand my English speaking dog? What about France? It was all troubling to me. I can also remember a very in depth convo that revolved around the international date line and if it would be possible to never age. Oh my head might explode just thinking about those days...It is a good thing I have given up trying to figure out these life mysteries....whoa! I got off track. kids were good...we had to go to the grocery store after dinner...which is where we witnessed the phenom known as the "deli slicer." Yes, it is real. However, the 3 people working the deli must not have ever seen one before...because it was taking all 3 of them to slice up an order...frankly, I couldn't see what the problem was...until I overheard the price...$8.99/lb.!!WTF was that? Apparently, it takes 3 people to slice gold plated meat. As I looked around, there were other DELI meats that ran in price up to $10/lb. Cry all you want about rising gas prices, but FUCK ME! $10/lb for a sandwich? That is what we should be protesting. It is LUNCH MEAT.
We did get the dog a bone...(this old man came rolling home...) and some random cookie mix. OK. Already made cookie mix that I just take out of the pack and slap on a cookie sheet...but still...that will be lots of fun!
Now we are home...just the 3 of us...I love it. It kinda makes me think what it might be like in the future...just the 3 of us...and the dog, gnawing on a bone the size of his pumpkin head. It isn't so bad.
I almost forgot. Little just finished coloring me a picture...of me! So cute. Purple hair? check. Orange nose? check. Blue legs? (one can only hope those are my pants.) check. and pink/red dots on my face. What are those? I ask...his reply? Those red things on your face. OF COURSE. He is talking about my zits. Thanks. The moment is ruined. Oh well...

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Melissa said...

LMAOOOOOOOOO I about choked to death on chicken and stars soup. WTF do you guys come up with this shit? A spanish speaking dog lmaooooooooooooooooo
BTW, I once ordered a few different kinds of meat at the deli without checking the price-3 diff kinds to be exact-almost $50! That cured me of wanting anything other than Oscar!