Thursday, November 08, 2007

Glamour don't

Why so many on a day that I cannot even go to the bathroom? the boots...with the too tight suit...yeah. YOU. Could you please wear that tomorrow? I want to make fun of you...but I don't have the time.
Same goes for the girl at the salad bar who seems to need to feed her bum, so it stops eating her there in the red sweater that I can see your bra thru...don't think I don't see you. I do. I just can't sit still for a second to make fun. But why...if I can see your bra, do you think that no one else can? Why?
There is also the man in the conductor hat, that I just don't understand. Dude. The railroad is MILES from here...what up with that?

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Melissa said...

LMAO you and I would have a blast at a mall. I love to people watch.