Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving eve...
there is nothing going on here worth talking about. C is laying on the couch, watching tv AND reading a book. I had dinner with crazy sister in law...baked cookies AND a cake...and now just want to go to sleep.

I did see a friend from maybe the 6th grade while at my parents house. We graduated from high school together, but she became cooler than me in 7th grade. Turns out, we are equally cool these was fun to run into her and catch up...even if it was only for a minute, outside the grocery store. I got her email address...and vow before you and you and you that I will keep in touch with her. We both laughed at how very few people we still talk to from high school. Her daughter is beautiful. A dark haired version of her. It would be nice to be in can't ever have too many friends.

I am going to bed and when I wake will be Thanksgiving. I may need you to remind me that this is my favorite holiday. It isn't a day to squander on unhappiness and worry...but rather to relax in the comfort that is your family. My favorite Aunt in the whole world is in town. I cherish every second I spend with her. She knows what is happening with C and I and hugged me tight today.
Peace and gobble.

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Melissa said...

Back at ya chick.......back at ya.