Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Report Card day

Yesterday was report card day 'round these parts. It was also the parent/teacher conference with Big's GATE teacher. (Gate is the new Gifted, apparently.) Anyhoo...I missed the conference, sending C instead. When I got home last night...I got the low down. They were looking at the scores from the PSSA test that he took last Spring. The ones I mentioned here before...the ones that seemed to be pretty much off the charts. Yeah. That was confirmed yesterday by the Gate teacher. Big isn't just borderline smart. He is really fucking smart. No. Those aren't the EXACT words that the teacher used, I improvised. His report card? 9 A's and 1 B. And? The B? Was in MUSIC. Shut the fuck up. Music. (ok...remember the other day when I broke it to Big that he didn't have a career in music ahead of him? Clearly, I was right!!) So. My baby...was clearly switched at birth!
Little also got his report card. He isn't graded on the A system...but rather O is outstanding. NP is normal progress. And S means study harder? Anyway! Little got all NP's...and an NP+ in Art. Gym. AND MUSIC! That he got an NP+ in music makes me worry that he might have been switched at birth as well!!
I joke about them. I call them assholes and the nicest way possible...and not to their faces...but my GOD. I think I could have burst last night. Really. Having two boys who are relatively well behaved, who get along with each other and their peers, and who are doing well in school, is really a blessing that shouldn't be taken for granted. I see a trip to Dave and Buster's in the near future. Those little fuckers deserve it!

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Melissa said...

Watch out. I do believe some motherly pride is peeking out from under that cement sheild around you. LOL
Good job!