Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm looking at you...crazy sister in law...

Yeah. So. It is the week of Thanksgiving. I am excited. Really. I am. I AM. I swear.
My family all get together at my parents house. She plays the lovely roll of martyr. My dad likes to stress out about it...I mean, he DOES have to carve the turkey. SHEESH. We wouldn't eat if it weren't for him, right? My brother and his white trash wife like to get into an argument right in the middle of dinner. This always causes MY blood pressure to shoot up...the over under on my nerves being shot is lunch time...
Yeah. So. I am excited.
And. I am going somewhere with this!
Yes I am! I am going to make fun of my sister in law. Again. MUHAAHAHHA.
She...HATES...almost any food. Yep. Pizza? She doesn't like it. (I know...that is a crime.) pasta? Only without the sauce. and only if there is butter and cheese. This is the sister in law that only orders steak when we go out for any meal. Oh. Wait. Only if someone else is paying! That is classy. Steak? at Applebees? Yum. Ok. back to her. So...imagine my surprise when, after I sent my mom a text, telling her that I could make chili for dinner on Friday night...that I got a text from my sister in law (who I would love to kill every time she texts me.) and seriously? The text said "No chili, unless you want to take your brother home with you." Now. I am quite comfortable with farts. Fart fart fart. But...coming from her? It annoyed the absolute SHIT out of me. Really? No chili? Oh...does that baby not like it? I don't let my kids pick the restaurant that we eat at, because the fuckers get the same thing EVERY TIME...same with her. If your taste in food is so weak, YOU DON'T GET TO PICK WHERE WE EAT. Or WHAT WE EAT. Don't ruin it for the rest of us...
And...there is more...but I will hold my tongue.

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Erica said...

Oh, you lucky thing - I am forbidden from speaking about my HORRIBLE sister in law. And her horrible mother, my MIL. So I'm feeling a bit jealous, if that makes any sense. Sigh.

I hope your holiday and Chili Night are lovely regardless of her behavior.

As to the Wonder Emporium - it was delightful! Very fun and holiday-ish because of all the toys. Just a heads up, it totally deals with death. But honestly in the most sweet and gentle and celebratory way. I loved every minute. We debated between Bee Movie and this and I'm very happy we saw this one, though I'm happy to hear that it was cute!