Sunday, November 11, 2007

You say it's your birthday...

Yep...Today is my birfday...I turn a lot. A LOT! I turn about 15 years older than I feel and a good 20 years older than I act. It's good. You are only as old as you I have a handle on that. I have no major ailments. No aches or pains that cause me to want to spend most of my waking hours asleep. I am fortunate. I know this.

Yesterday, I spent the day at my parents. My brother's birthday is a week before we had the "shared party" that we have had since we were wee little ones. The attendees have changed...some have died, some have been added by marriage, but it was still the same. My mom made lasagna. Just like she has every other year. If we could subtract out my sister in would have been a fine time. I won't ruin a birthday blog by talking about her, though!

My mom and I tried to go to the local outlet mall. A trip into Banana Republic and the 35 minute wait to check out had me heading for the hills. My girl Ann's place was similar...although I love her pants...I can wear a size 4 there...but a 1/2 hour wait for 30% off pants was probably worth it...we busted out of Ann Taylor just as fast. There were similar lines everywhere. Who knew? I did check out the new Calvin Klein store. I loves me some Calvin. Calvin was my first pair of size 6. Can you blame me for having a special place in my heart for him?

2 years ago...I was wearing a size 22. I weighed 275 lbs...I was preparing for a surgery that I was half afraid would kill me...funny how much things have changed.

Today...I spent pretty much the way I wanted to...aside from not being in NYC...I got up, got the boys donuts, got them ready for myself ready for a morning walk...walked 3.5 miles jammin out to MY music, took a celebratory birthday nap, and ate cake. Honestly, getting old is ok, as long as you can have cake. Once you take the cake away, you might as well be it was sugar free ice cream cake...but cake was in the title...and it was good!

So...a fond happy birthday to me. Have some cake, in my deserve it!

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Erica said...

I'll have some cake in your honir! (or at least a gooey granola bar) Happy day to you.