Sunday, November 25, 2007


Just when I thought the laundry was finished...I get to start it all over again!
Yay! I was afraid that I would be bored today...but I will wash sheets and bedding...and maybe MAYBE tackle the attic.
C and the stinky sister in law went out last night...they got home around 230. I hope that he got to talk to her about whatever he wanted to talk about. I hope that he feels better about some things...I don't know. I can't imagine her giving any solid advice, though...seeing that in the 15 years I have been in this family, I have NEVER met one of her boyfriends. I don't even know that she has had that many...but never met one. That is 15 years worth of Christmas' and New Years' and Thanksgivings and Easters...nothing. Nada. So...I hope that he takes her advice with a grain of salt.
He is still sleeping. I am allowing it, because I know when I go out and get all liquored up, I appreciate being able to sleep it off. It doesn't usually happen...but you know...a girl can dream!
I have become addicted to Webkinz. Both boys have one...Little likes to spend his kinz cash as soon as he gets I like to earn him least that is what I say, as I log in to the cash cow! I have a personal top score that earned me 78 kinz cash. Not bad?! I am sure that he spent it already, though!
I am going to shop online for some Christmas presents...maybe pay a bill or two...
Enjoy the day!

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