Friday, November 16, 2007


My plans for the weekend are crazy...prepare yourself for the fun...
I am meeting Trizish and company out for some karaoke and some drinkin and some laughin. I am only partially looking forward to has the potential to be fun...but it could go the complete opposite direction and bore the pants off of me. We'll see.

Tomorrow, I think I either want to take the boys to see the Bee movie...or buy the Rat movie and check that out with them. Either way, it will be fun. C has reserves and so it will be me and the little guys. I might ask if my new friend Kaliegh can come over. yeah. She is only 10. So what. I like her.

Sunday...I am meeting Ang for coffee at Starbucks. She sent me an outlook appointment, so I know it is official. Ang...I know you read I will mention one thing that I just remembered about you...I remember how when we first became friends, you were in love with the excel spreadsheet. You had your outfits as not to repeat them too often. You also had your friends in a sheet...scheduled out so you didn't lose touch. I feel like we have lost touch lately...and maybe we need to revisit that spreadsheet!
We share so many of the same loves...New York, shoes, kate spade, handbags in general and of course...kate's paperie...I hate that we don't spend enough time together...I promise to bring Kate to'll love her!

And...that? Is my upcoming weekend. Can't wait!

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Melissa said...

Ahhh! At least you have plans. I'll trade you. You can have my birthday party, my night alone with the 5 kiddlettes while the hubby goes to see that new Bourne thing, and laundry! LOL