Friday, November 30, 2007

A funny thing happened on the way to crazy...

I like to cook! OMG! I know...who would believe it? Certainly not me! But I do! I really seem to like to cook. I discussed it with my shrink yesterday...and despite her concern that I am "over functioning" (is that even something that a mom who works full time and then takes care of every fucking thing in our house...can do?) I really like to cook. Yes. I have only cooked 3 meals in the last week...but they were 3 really good meals. I am looking forward to the weekend, where I will be attempting spaghetti sauce. I have been hitting pretty hard, that is where I got the recipe for the stuffed pepper soup and the beef stew, and they were both so good! We'll go with it, til it gives me reason not to.

I had a great little meeting with the shrink. We'll discuss the over functioning another time.

I did get a disturbing call from one of Big's friend's mother. We'll call the friend Sweetpea, because I love her! She is 11 and so sweet and nice and pleasant...and a girl...and I don't have one, so I sometimes think about stealing her...but that is for another time, too. Apparently, there is a girl who is bullying her. Bullying is so wrong on so many levels...but when it is someone that I know...and makes me sad. Her mom is probably going about this all wrong. I don't know what I would do, so I can't say, but it makes me sad that she is being bullied. We are going out to dinner tonight...for report cards and awards and good I asked if she could go along. I know that won't make a difference in the bullying, but maybe it will make her smile for a while!

And...once again, I was sidetracked. I started to say how I like to cook...and was going to proceed on to declaring that I would be cleaning the attic and trying to set up the sewing machine. I know. I know. I should have warned you...but I guess I am looking for activities to keep me busy...and these are not harmful....I guess it beats the self destructive bar behavior that I could be indulging in. We'll see...maybe not!

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Melissa said...

I personally think this is an awesome development! If you want recipes, I have TONS! They're easier than you'd think too, and low fat/low sugar.