Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday night fun...not so much...

I knew going into the night that it had the potential to go all wrong. I was optimistic. I should know better than that. The thing that gets me down about it is...I don't know that I can write about it...I don't know if I can get my arms around the real issues. If you think that a friend is doing something completely wrong...and you don't mention it...are you a bad friend...are you even a friend? But if you do mention it...and you are wrong...then are you a bad friend? I mean, who am I to judge anyone or anything? My life is so far from perfect, I can't even see where perfect might begin. At the same time, I watch her making choices that I don't know if she thinks are right...I am not sure that I wouldn't make the same choices if I were in her am struggling.
I hate being an adult!!

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Melissa said...

Oh boy, have I ever been in your shoes. The way I see it is: only give the opinion if she asks. Then if she does, lay it all out there. A true friend would be able to listen to your concerns and see them for what they are: concerns. And know that you want what's best for them. It's so much easier to see the real issues when you're on the outside looking in. Maybe she doesn't realize that....yet.